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10 Weirdest Junk Items of All Time

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Ever heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, there’s a lot more truth to that than you might expect! We at Junk Removal San Jose, have been in the junk game for a really long time now, and safe to say, we’ve seen our fair share of some pretty weird junk items… But that’s nothing compared to some crazy weird junk items found around the world!

In this post, we’re going to be going over 10 of the weirdest junk items of all time! So brace yourself, this one’s about to get really weird! 

1. A Giant Bug

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. While most people throw away things like old clothes and furniture, someone threw away a bug… and one that could give you a heart attack! This giant bug was actually a school project… and we wonder what kind of school project this was… because this may be the weirdest sculpture we’ve ever seen!

2. A Weird Seat

Typically, when you have a seat for two people, they’re the type that makes it easy for two people to converse. But this seat is the opposite. This one will make both people face away from each other… could this be a “hate seat” from the past

3. A Rocker Goat

We’ve heard the term, rocker chick, but have you ever thought of that “chick” as being four-legged? Well with this weird junk find, you don’t have to. This junk item also answers the age-old question of “If goats wore pants, how would they wear them?”

4. A Mini Spaceship 

People get rid of old vehicles all the time, but how do you even begin to explain a mini spaceship? Hey, maybe they just can’t refuel it on Earth!

5. A Pretty Ugly Horse Thing

This is a really weird one… Although this seems like a horse, it also seems like an alpaca or a donkey, but all in all, it’s a pretty weird sculpture, whatever this horse thing was trying to be… 

6. A Bunch of Torsos

Can you imagine doing a junk pickup, only to find that all of the junk is just lots and lots and lots of headless torsos? That’s a sight that would make you lose your head for sure!

7. An Interesting Phone

We can’t tell if this one is weird or simply genius? Can you imagine this ringing on your side table? There are literally no words for this one…

8. A Questionable Book

They say everyone should read as many books as they possibly can throughout their lives. They add value to your life and can be a great source for learning things that are otherwise out of your comfort zone! But most books, well, all books we usually see, are for people that are actually around to read them, but this one weird junk item, is literally a look that’s for the deceased… and not just any deceased, the recently deceased… We wonder how they narrowed it down to that target audience… 

9. A Unique Way of Anger Management

This weird doll was supposed to be a way of anger management. Instead of taking your anger out on something real and alive, you could just grab this and smack it on whatever you want and get all that aggression out… but we can’t help but notice just how much this doll looks like a voodoo doll… is it all an elaborate trick of getting people roped into doing some voodoo? Guess we’ll never know!

10. Teeth?

People usually keep spares of things around just in case they might need them later… but have you ever seen spare teeth? And that too, this many of them? How does one even begin to explain this one?

Guess like everything else on this list, some things are just too weird to be explained! 

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