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5 qualities of the Papa Bear Chair

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The Papa Bear Chair by Hans Wagner is another midcentury style masterpiece that never fails to deliver on impact, accentuation, and style. It’s a very unique chair that can be used in a number of ways. It’s got many incredible qualities that make it an instant hit in any interior design. So, if you’re wondering why you should use this chair in your interior designs, then here’s a list of 5 of its qualities that will make you want to instantly try it out:

  1. Incredibly unique form

The best quality of the Papa Bear Chair is that it’s got an extremely unique form. It’s almost sculptural and is the abstract representation of a big, friendly bear inviting you for a warm rug. The winged back is stylishly tufted and the armrests are designed like the paws of a bear. The overall impact of its visuals is highly appealing. Although the size of this chair is larger than average, it doesn’t take away from its trendiness at all. This is definitely a furniture piece that can be used anytime, anywhere.

  1. Made from sturdy materials


The Papa Bear Chair has extremely distinct visuals, but that never takes away from its sturdiness. In fact, the materials used in its construction are actually some of the best one you’ll ever find in the market. For example, the entire frame of this chair – including the paw armrests and tapered midcentury style legs – are made from high quality and durable North American Walnut wood. It’s also very comfortably bolstered and provides the best lounging experience. You can find it in a variety of different fabrics that can be chosen to complement your interior design theme.

  1. Stand-out design


The Papa Bear Chair has a gorgeously distinctive form. It’s so unique that the chair automatically stands out in any space that it’s been featured in. This makes it an instant statement-piece and the perfect chair to choose when you’re searching for something to make a big visual impact in your space. However, this boldness does not take away from its versatility. In fact, it adds to the timeless quality of this chair and allows it to be used in a number of interior design styles and settings.

  1. The perfect lounging experience


The Papa Bear Chair is one of the most comfortable investments that you’ll ever make. Its durable frame is bolstered with the most comfortable padding. Moreover, the large size of the wing back ensures that you can easily lean back and enjoy the best recline ever. Even the arms have been placed at a height that makes the user feel absolutely cozy.

  1. Perfect for mismatching


People who love experimenting with vibrant furniture pieces will adore the versatility of this chair the most. Its unique form is its stand out feature, but what makes it even better is that you can easily match it with contrasting accessories, furniture, and surroundings. Nothing is too out there when you’re playing around with this chair.

We hope this list helps you get to know this chair a little better. You’ll certainly appreciate its great aesthetics and ergonomic functional value when you feature it in your home interiors!

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