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5 ways to tell if you need new windows and doors

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Do you know the leading warning signs it’s time to replace your windows and doors? If not, keep reading this article! We took some time to identify the top five ways to tell if you need new windows and doors and shared our insights up next. Rest assured, these ways are backed up by our experts, which is why you’ll find those useful! So, let’s see whether it’s time for you to opt for windows and doors replacement.

#1 Does your home feel cooler than the weather outside?

A useful way to tell if you need new windows and doors is to assess the chill in your living space. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel any drafts. But if you do, it might be time for you to check out your old windows and doors. Deteriorating frames or old materials can allow outdoor air to enter your home and decrease your comfort. Hence, if this is your situation, you should know it is a must to get new windows and doors. In most situations, you can’t fix your existing ones, which is why replacing windows and doors is the best solution.

#2 Do your windows and doors look severely damaged?

Take a step back and look at your windows and doors. How’s their appearance? If you’re not sure how to answer this because you notice a lot of wear and tear, we can save you some time! Your windows and doors are damaged, broken, or crooked, meaning that it’s time to get new windows and doors.

#3 Do your windows and doors get jammed a lot?

If your searching for the best way to tell if you need new windows and doors, this might be! If it takes you a lot of time and effort to open or close your windows and doors, you need to replace them. Indeed, it might be tempting to replace a small part, but it can lead to unnecessary expenses. And since windows and doors represent major entry points in your home, you shouldn’t have second thoughts. New windows and doors can increase safety and security for your family members.

#4 Do you deal with a persistent pest infestation?

Many homeowners overlook this telltale sign you need replacement windows and doors. But we can tell you from our experience that the main culprit of insect infestation is old and malfunctioning windows and doors. Heavy damage can allow any type of insects and rodents to enter your home, so choosing new windows is a must to avoid compromising your family’s health.

#5 Do you face water damage in case of extreme weather conditions?

Rotting parts from the frames and structure of your windows and doors can allow rainwater and snow to enter your home. And this can lead to water damage and extensive repair projects. So, if you notice water getting inside your home each time there is an extreme weather situation, it’s time to replace windows and doors.


This is how our experts recommend you evaluate whether you need new windows and doors. And as you can see, it is relatively simple to identify issues and overcome them. Make sure you opt for a qualitative replacement and professional installation for the best results.

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