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6 Main Application Areas of Cabana Tents

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A cabana tent is a mobile room that can be moved from one place to another. This type of tents are used for social gathering and relaxing. The unique and distinct style of this tent is what makes it different from other kinds of tents. Here are some of the Application Areas of Cabana Tents. 

The word cabana is used to describe any poolside changing room or building — it comes from the Spanish word cabaña, with its Late Latin root capana, “hut” or “cabin.” A traditional cabana is a room that can be moved from one place to another. Long pieces of cloth are attached to the tent sides which hang down like a curtain at the back of the tent and are sufficiently long to wrap around the entire tent and enclose it at night.

Swimming Pools

Cabana tents are used near swimming pools to provide beauty, comfort, protection and privacy to the pool users. Taking a dip at the pool on a sunny day and relaxing inside the cabana tent is a routine hobby of many. They provide good shade solutions from the sunrays.


You can bring a piece of that vacation ambience to your home backyard with the cabana tents. Having a cabana tent at your household lets, you have space for a family gathering. Families can now relax in the outdoors at the patented compact fold cabana tents without worrying about the harmful sun rays. 


Cabana tents are ideal for office meetings, events, markets and pop-up shops. Hence it is widely used in office premises. 


Nothing can beat the enjoyment and fun holidaying at beachside destinations. The only concern during a beach holiday is the harmful sun rays as it can cause sunburns. The prolonged exposure to the UV rays from the sun can also cause dangerous diseases like skin cancer. 

Therefore it is mandatory to protect your family from the harmful rays of the sun during a beach holiday. A beach cabana will ensure uninterrupted enjoyment for you and your family.


For a perfect luxury under the sun, guest can enrich their resort experience by spending time inside the cabana tents. Cabanas are widely installed in the resorts and hotels to enhance the staycation experience of the guests. 

Water Theme Park

Cabana tents in the water theme parks are perfect base camps whilst you splash, splash, and soak up the sun. These are the main areas where cabana tents are used. Choose the perfect cabana tents that suit your space from Mister Shade ME. 

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