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7 Steps for Keeping your Bathroom Sparkling Clean

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Keeping our homes clean is essential; we can all agree on that. Unfortunately, maintaining a clean home gets trickier when your family size increases.

You will then have less time to clean as well, or even when you use your home for business. 

The need to keep our homes sparkling is intensified in our bathrooms. Cleaning challenges increase in bathrooms due to the sheer amount and diversity of surfaces that need attention.

This article will share a few tactics to help you maintain sparkling bathrooms.

Remove Bathroom Items When Cleaning

Now that you’ve decided to enhance the way you keep your bathroom clean, you should

begin by taking out everything that can be moved, such as rugs, towels, care products, carpets, and the likes.

After completing this step, cleaning your bathroom becomes easier because most things that can get in your way and slow you down have been removed. 

If you want to get the most value out of your bathroom cleaning sessions and clean faster, consider implementing this step.

Get Professional Help

Have you ever considered contacting a professional home cleaning service to help you keep your bathrooms clean by deep cleaning them a few times a year?

This might be just what you need to maintain the integrity of your bathroom. When a home cleaning service such as houseproud cleaning thoroughly cleans your bathroom once or twice a year, it’ll go a long way in helping you keep your bathroom clean.  

Wash All Washable Material

Now that you have taken out movable items from your bathroom, it is time to clean washable


Put items like bath mats, floor rugs, wash clothes, and the likes into the laundry. An essential step to keeping your bathroom spotless is regularly taking care of washable items.

Doing this will give your bathroom a fresh feel and eliminate unpleasant odours that linger in bathroom accessories and build up over time.

Dust, Sweep, and Mop

During bathroom cleaning sessions, ensure you get rid of all the dirt, dust, and cobwebs. Dust surfaces, sweep & mop floors, and clean every square foot of your bathroom.

It would be in your best interest to invest in a duster with a long handle, a mop stick, a broom, and a vacuum.

Sweeping your room will help get rid of unwanted materials.

Clean Surfaces

An easy way to ascertain whether your bathroom needs cleaning is by inspecting frequently used surfaces like mirrors, showerheads, shower doors, shower curtains, and tubs.

It does not take long for frequently used bathroom surfaces to require cleaning. Hence, an excellent strategy for keeping them neat is for you and your family members or roommates to develop the habit of lightly cleaning surfaces immediately after use; you will not be disappointed.

Tackle Harmful Organisms

Our bathrooms have the potential to harbour harmful organisms that can have adverse effects on our lives.

So keep in mind that the fact that a bathroom looks neat and clean does not necessarily mean that it is immaculate.

It would help if you tackled microscopic organisms that are often invisible to the naked eye. No need to worry, you can do this through chemical disinfectants available in most stores, or you can create one yourself.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

If you must wait until you can see mould and stains in your bathroom before cleaning, you are going about this the wrong way.

One of the essential steps to keeping your bathroom tidy and safe would be to create a regular cleaning schedule and delegate tasks where applicable.

Once your family knows that certain days and times are bathroom cleaning days, no one can claim to forget.

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