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8 Benefits Of Automated Sliding Gates

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There are many benefits to applying gate automation los angeles in your property. You might find it costly at the beginning but the investment is worth it if you look at several factors.


Certainly, whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial property, you cannot deny the convenience of automated sliding gates in your property. When it is raining, no one has to get out to manually open the gates for you. You also need less manpower in general to open your gates. This is a big deal especially if you are an industrial firm. Each amount of labor counts.


You can better manage who goes in and out of your property with a sliding gate automation Los Angeles. You do not have to go out to see who wants to go inside your property. You can simply install a security camera at your gate and remotely control your sliding gate as well. If you ever have to contend with a suspicious person or group, at least you won’t be dealing with them face-to-face. You can simply lock your gates for more security remotely using the system of your automated sliding gates.


Manual swing gates take up so much space. If you are located along a busy street, you might also get in the way of traffic if you use manual swing gates. Automated sliding gates move on a single line. The line is usually parallel to your property’s wall. This is very convenient especially if you wish to go in and out of your property fast.


Compared to swing gates, automated sliding gates are also more functional especially if the driveway is not lying on a flat surface. If you are dealing with sloped driveways there really is no better design. Some commercial and industrial properties also benefit more, function-wise, from automatic sliding gates.


Because of their smarter range of motion, sliding automatic gates are also more durable. The design makes them smarter in terms of distributing weight more evenly even while the gates are being opened and closed. You won’t have to worry about swinging or sliding the gates out of alignment because the gates are being controlled mechanically. Unless there is another element blocking the track, everything should operate smoothly.

Visually appealing

Because of its more modern design, gate automation Los Angeles has become more and more popular especially in residential properties. The streamlined designs make it more suitable for homes. As the mechanism slides instead of swinging, it complements the architecture of the building instead of going against it.


You can also choose from different colors, designs, and materials for your automatic sliding gate. There is a design suitable for every property architecture. You can also choose among many materials (wooden vs. Steel for example) so that the gate suits your design preferences and your budget.

If you are interested in gate automation Los Angeles for your home or your business property, do your due diligence. Work with established sliding gate makers who offer top-of-the-line services both during construction and aftersales.

For your gate automation los angeles, contact us today at InteleGates today. We have years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients when it comes to the best way to do automated gates.

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