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9 Reasons Why Masonry Construction Is A Sound Investment

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Providing one of the best returns on a construction investment in the architectural industry, masonry construction has many advantages; below are just 9 of them:


  1. Extremely durable and long-lasting


Solid and strong, masonry can stand up to a lot, and won’t dent or break under even the toughest of conditions.

  1. Maintenance needs are greatly reduced


Being so durable, masonry requires less repairs throughout its lengthy lifespan, and doesn’t require continual painting and maintenance thanks to its color and weather-resistant brilliance.

  1. Resistant to fire


Unable to burn, masonry helps protect not only the building, but its contents and your investment. Fire and separation walls are often made from concrete masonry because its elements are noncombustible, fire resistant and strong, and masonry fire walls are economical to construct.

  1. Maintains structural integrity


With fantastic load bearing capacity for supporting roofs and additional floors, masonry is suitable for use with a variety of roofing systems, and is also able to effectively resist the force of heavy snows and wind shears. Easily accommodating vertical steel reinforcement thanks to the cavities in the concrete blocks, masonry is exceptionally reliable and has long been used to construct government, institutional, industrial and commercial buildings.

  1. Insurance rates are lower


Providing buildings with a higher degree of protection against break-ins, fire and extreme weather conditions, when you use masonry to construct a building, you can help lower your insurance rates.

  1. Superior insulating qualities


More effective at insulating against external temperatures than metal, concrete masonry walls help to maintain a constant temperature inside a building, while lowering the cost of heating and cooling. Requiring lower insulation levels due to their mass, concrete masonry buildings and cavity walls provide ample opportunities to obtain high R values.

  1. Environmentally friendly


Additional environmental health safety benefits can be achieved by using pre-finished masonry units, such as colored Fullface Split and Ultra Burnished units, that have been made with integral water repellent; such products don’t emit ‘volatile organic compounds’ into the air.

  1. Noise pollution is reduced


Whether a building is being used for residential or commercial purposes, excess or unwanted noise can be a significant distraction and disturbance. When a building is constructed with concrete masonry, however, its mass and rigidity make it extremely effective at reducing the transmission of unwanted noise and sound.

  1. Resale value is increased


Because masonry buildings typically look more appealing and attractive than metal ones, and maintain their level of appeal for far longer, they can make you more money for your buck when it comes to reselling.

The above 9 reasons clearly demonstrate that masonry construction is far superior than other building materials, and is an investment that will reward you for years to come. Consult with a reputable construction company or general contractor in your area today to find out how masonry could turn your building into a safe, attractive and durable money maker.


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