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9 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For A Major Renovation

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Whether you’re revamping your outdated kitchen or transforming your guest room into an entertainment nook, you have to prepare your home before any major remodeling Vienna project. Doing so will minimize costs and allow your contractor to efficiently work on this particular home improvement endeavor. In this article, we’re giving you nine tried-and-tested tips on how to ace this pre-renovation task.

Know the scope of your project. One of the first things you need to consider is the scope of your project — this will determine how much demolition and remodeling will be made on a certain portion of your home. This is particularly essential if the area/s involved are major ones, like your kitchen and bathroom.

Strategically schedule your project. You should schedule your remodeling Vienna project at a time when your house is relatively not busy. For instance, during fall when kids are back in school. Or in months before the holiday season or other important family events.

Think about your household’s lifestyle. Do you work from home? Do you have an elderly in the house? Take note that even if a remodeling can be completed in just a week or less, it will still cause disruption to your household’s daily routine. You have to adjust accordingly — and this includes the option of temporarily moving into a relative’s home until the project is done.

Consider your pets. Pets like dogs and cats should be kept behaved during a renovation project. It’s best to entrust them into an animal daycare or to your neighbor or friend to prevent causing inefficiencies in your remodeling undertaking.

Clear a path. Creating a space that allows remodeling Vienna experts to move around your house is essential. This involves clearing our cabinets, removing photos and paintings on the wall, and the likes. This will not only protect your belongings — it will also prevent accidents or injuries from happening.

Protect your furniture and other assets. Speaking of protecting your belongings, experts advise covering furniture and other fixtures in rooms adjacent to the area being remodeled. Plastic sheets are available in the market to help minimize the dust that will accumulate in the surfaces of your belongings. You should also empty the walls and shelves in these adjacent rooms to prevent them from getting damaged while renovations are being done.

Take an inventory of your belongings. Even if you’re hiring the most reputable contractor, it’s still ideal to take an audit of your belongings. This will make it easier for you to check if nothing is lost or misplaced after the project is completed.

Upgrade your security measures. While improving the functionality and aesthetics of your home is important, you should never compromise security. Invest in in-home safes and video surveillance monitors — gadgets that you can make use of even after the renovation is completed.

Talk to your neighbors. If you share a party wall with your neighbor, you are legally obliged to seek permission from them should your remodeling involve or affect the said part wall. But even if you’re living in a single-detached home, you should still notify your neighbors for the possible inconveniences (e.g. Drilling noises) that your remodeling project may cause.
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