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A guide to natural and hand woven Rugs and Carpets

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Carpets and rugs are popular floor coverings. They might work along or serve you separately, but their benefits are always never-ending. Carpets present a uniform and elegant look to your home. On the other hand, Rugs are crazy, beautiful, and stylish and make any corner shine with their presence. Try to install a patchwork rug at any particular place over the decent broadloom carpet. The area will become a center of attraction for everyone.

Both Rugs and Carpets are available in synthetic and natural forms. There are many types and varieties under the natural section of both floor coverings. Here I have gathered a small guide to natural and hand-woven rugs & carpets. Eco-friendly rugs are made from natural fibers that provide you with anti-allergic properties which is great especially if you have kids at home. Not only this, but they are also a quite popular choice for being available in different styles, colors and designs that can brighten up the whole room.

Talking about rugs mainly they are also available in hand woven type that gives a traditional look to your home with brightening vibes.

Types of Natural Fiber Carpets & Rugs

Every type of mat has its benefits. Few popular types of natural Fiber Carpets and rugs are

  • Wool: Being famous for its durability, soft feel, and unique look it is the number one choice for all. Wool is anti-allergic and a great sound insulator. Wool carpets are a better choice for places with a more refreshing environment as they provide warmth to the floor.
  • Sisal: Sisal is made from materials extracted after harvesting some tropical plants. Sisal is durable, available in dyed colors along with its natural and easy to clean.
  • Jute: Jute is spun-form of vegetable plants, available in brown and decent colors. It also provides a soft feel and good for heavy foot traffic areas.
  • Seagrass: Seagrass is a popular material used in both rugs and carpets for its incredible textures and soft plush. It has an aesthetic impact on the place. It is better to install them at dining rooms and living rooms due to its less susceptibility to water-marking properties.

 Types of Rugs:

Not only these, but rugs are available in many other types also like

  • Silk:

Silk is a natural material which is commonly used in making beautiful rugs. It is shiny material with the softest touch you have ever felt. It provides your room grace and dignity along with unique calmness and comfort. Among its drawbacks, it is expensive and not the right choice for heavy foot traffic areas.

  • Kilims and patchwork Rugs:

Patchwork and Kilimis both are hand woven types of rugs. These rugs have been part of the rugs industry since ancient times. Due to their vibrant colors and patterns, they are never considered old-fashioned or boring. Different patches of fabrics are sewed together in various geometrical patterns to form a lovely looking rug. Kilims rugs allow you to use different materials along with different designs in one carpet, whereas, Patchwork rugs present a uniform look with a specific pattern and fabric used in the rug.

  • Now you can also find patchwork and Kilimis carpets in the market.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips:

Although cleaning and maintaining rugs and carpets don’t take much time, the following few tips can make the procedure more comfortable than before.

  • It’s better to vacuum your carpet and rug daily, it will keep it look new and fresh for a long time, and dust will not absorb into its
  • In case of a stain, you can clean it with an active cleaning agent. Damp a cloth into water and detergent and bloat it on the stain will disappear.
  • In case of sticking gum, place some ice cube on it for around a few seconds when it turns cold to take it off with the help of a sharp knife.
  • Rugs are much easier to maintain. They are light in weight, and you can wash them in machines if the fabric is compatible with washing.

Natural and hand woven rugs and carpets are an excellent and practical choice for everyone. They can give your style statement with their attractive and beautiful designs.

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