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Apartment or house – is it better to rent or buy?

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Real estate – buying a house / buying an apartment (condominium) or renting a house / renting an apartment (rental apartments)

In the course of their lives, most people, often when looking for an apartment, deal at least once with the question of whether to buy a house / a Buying an apartment (condominium) or renting a house / renting an apartment (rental apartments) is more worthwhile for them.

The traditional dream of a house and a socially connected ideal still persuade millions of people to buy a house when looking for real estate, primarily when starting a family. Whether buying a house or buying an apartment is more worthwhile compared to renting a house or renting an apartment depends on many other factors: the amount of your savings, job security to be able to pay off the real estate in the long term, the rent and Purchase price level in the desired area or a personal desire either for freedom / local flexibility or for a permanent place of residence.

However, the current opinion still seems that buying a house / buying an apartment is a sensible way of building up wealth within your own four walls. A house stands for security.

House or apartment, rent, or buy – a question of personality.

 In this article by quadwalls, it can be said that your personality always plays a central role, whether you ultimately buy an apartment (condominium) / buy a house or rent an apartment (rental apartments) / house rent decides.

It is particularly noticeable in a house where both the owner and the tenant live close together that both parties always have to contend with concerns and financial burdens. In some cases, owners have to invest large sums of money in maintenance and repairs, while tenants, after a strenuous search for an apartment, complain about rising rents, lack of repairs in the apartment, defects in and on the house, or high ancillary costs. However, the owner lives in the self-image that he builds up assets by continuously paying off his property while the tenant is denied this opportunity. He also spares the annoying search for an apartment in the future.

 With his regular rental payments as part of renting an apartment, he only pays for the use or for the consequences of the wear and tear of a house that is not his own. In the event of damage or repairs in and on the house, however, he can conveniently turn to the landlord or the property management responsible for eliminating the defects. Many tenants consider this carelessness and the associated protection against enormous and previously incalculable costs to be a great relief and ignore the exhausting search for an apartment.

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