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Back-To-School Sleep Hygiene Tips For Your Kid

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A well-structured sleep schedule, sleep hygiene, and bedtime routine are all important for your child to sleep well. In fact, sleep hygiene includes daytime habits and essential nighttime habits to ensure quality sleep. This article provides information on back-to-school sleep hygiene tips for your child.

. Regular exercises promote sleep while reducing stress. Inactivity during school years increases a child’s risk of adulthood obesity. Your kid should not exercise just before bedtime since it can affect their sleep at night.


. Avoid too many extracurricular activities. Although kids love to be active all the time, rest and free time are also important for his/her development. In fact, less time spent on extracurricular activities is important for quality sleep in adolescents.

. Limit napping time. Napping in adolescents shortens the time and reduces the quality of their sleep at night. Don’t encourage your kid to take naps if they interfere with his/her sleep at night. In case your kid needs to nap to function better during the day, make sure he or she naps less than 30 minutes.


. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine is a common stimulant found in tea, coffee, colas, and energy drinks. The substance will keep your kid alert and awake at night. The intake of caffeine should be limited in kids or adolescents as per the CDC.

Bedroom Tips for Quality Sleep

The bedroom environment contributes to how well your child sleeps. As a parent, you need to take several steps to ensure your child has a quality sleep environment in his/her bedroom. Here are some steps that you could take:

. Keeping the room dark. Dark or heavy curtains help eliminate outside light and stimulate sleep in your child.

. Maintain an ambient temperature in the bedroom. A warm environment will keep your child awake at night.

. Keep the room quiet by eliminating noises. Some kids prefer to have a white noise machine or a fan so that there is a soothing sound to sleep distraction-free. Avoid vacuuming and similar sounds just when your child is ready to sleep.

. Use the bed only for sleeping purposes. Make sure your child does his/her homework and other activities in a separate area. This Nectar mattress deep dive will help you to find the best mattress for your child.

Blue Light, Technology, and Sleep

Kids exposed to blue light before sleep experience poor quality sleep as per the latest studies. In fact, blue light helps suppress melatonin or the sleep hormone. Screen usage just before sleep delays bedtime and overall sleep time. Encourage your children to avoid the following at least an hour before bedtime:

. Computers and laptops

. Cell phones

. TVs

. Video game devices

. Any other electronic product that may emit blue light

Some children may find it difficult to give up these devices just before bedtime. Encourage them to take on alternative forms of relaxation including journaling and reading.

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