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Benefits of Selling Property to Cash House Buyers

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Selling a house is an enormous decision, and homeowners need to explore their options and weigh out the pros and cons of the different home-selling options. There are two main methods to sell a house; the standard route of listing a house with a licensed agent or a newer way of selling your house directly to a cash home buyer. Both selling methods have similarities but are still much different. One benefit of selling a house to a real estate investor is the quick sale; most investors can close on a property within a couple of weeks in its current condition. Investors demand no fees or contingencies, relieving most of the stress of selling a home. 

Investors Purchase Property As-Is

One of the most significant benefits of selling to a cash home buyer is that sellers have no responsibility to make any repairs. Completing home repairs can be costly and time-consuming; most of the time, the price of repairs exceeds the actual value of having these renovations done. If you’re a homeowner pressed for time, selling a house fast in its current condition may be the best option. Another thing that speeds up cash transactions is that investors do not require any inspections; bypassing the home inspections allows the transaction to be completed within two or three weeks. Selling a property as-is also will enable sellers to skip the pesky process of property showings and walkthroughs since the property will be sold in its current condition. 

No Marketing Period

A common aspect of selling a house with an agent is marketing the home to potential buyers. Using marketing to sell a property can be costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee that the property will draw attention. Selling a house utilizing a cash buyer eliminates the marketing period, considering sellers reach out directly to these investors, typically through their websites. 

Avoid Fees and Agent Commissions

Selling your house with a real estate agent involves fees and realtor commissions. On average, sellers are responsible for roughly six percent of the total sales price in agent commissions alone; this six percent does not include the one to three percent in taxes the seller is responsible for paying. Selling a house with an agent can cost about ten percent of the total sales price; this is a substantial reason why property sellers are exploring selling directly to a home investor. Most cash buyers cover all fees and closing costs associated with their transactions. “Sell My Home Fast Philadelphia” helps sellers maximize their profit on a house sale by providing the highest cash offer with absolutely no fees. 

No Contingencies 

A stressful aspect of selling a house with an agent is that buyers have contingencies that allow them to back out of the deal at any moment. Four common contingencies are associated with standard real estate transactions; home inspection, appraisal, financing, and home sale contingency. No inspections exist when selling a house to a real estate investor, so the above-mentioned contingencies are eliminated. Home investors fund their deals so there are no financial contingencies depending on a home mortgage. Abolishing contingencies can relieve much of the stress of selling a property. 

Basic Process of Selling a House to an Investor

It’s common knowledge that selling a house using an agent is an extensive process that can take multiple months; individuals facing pre-foreclosure, relocation, or needing to downsize their property may need a quick sale. Home investors provide a simple process that can be completed within three weeks. The method of utilizing a cash buyer is simple; agree upon a sales price, sign a brief two-page agreement of sale, and then allow a local title company to conduct a title search which consists of the title company clearing up any city and state-required documents to conclude the sale. The title company acts as a median on the transaction; all of the problematic paperwork is completed by the title company, which makes for a simple process for both the investor and the seller. The link “here” details the step-by-step process of selling a house using an investor and the advantages of a cash property sale. 

Explore Your Home-Selling Options

Involving any significant decision, it’s suggested to explore your options; selling a house is no different. Review your selling needs and the benefits of using an agent or property of sale directly to a home investor. Real estate investors provide a quick house sale, closing on your home within three weeks while requiring no house repairs or home inspections. Property investors will purchase the house regardless of the circumstances and conditions; these individuals are experienced with buying houses facing foreclosures, inherited properties, or homes with serious structural problems. Selling to a cash buyer eliminates costly fees and agent commissions, allowing the seller to receive the most profit. Reach out to a cash house buyer today to discuss your home-selling options.

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