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Blocked Drains And Their Harmful Effects

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Cleaning a home is a crucial activity, which many people forget. However, this negligence can cost a lot. One of the things that many people forget is to unblock drains.  If you do not go to unblock drains London, you give an invitation to a lot of the health hazard. 

The drains of your house can easily get block due to debris that consists of small objects, food, and grease. Blocked Drains impact your house negatively. The accumulation of debris is the major cause of the bad smell in the house. Therefore, you need to call a service that can immediately unblock drains in London. 

To know more bad effects of block pipes, you can go through our article. 

Bad Hygiene

If you have a blocked drain in your house, you got a place where the bacteria and fungus have a safe space to grow. The bacteria are harmful to human health. The block sewage or the drain, therefore, negatively affects your health. Moreover, the fungus growing in your sink reproduce with the help of the spores that can be the reason behind your allergies. 

So, to take care of your family’s health, you need to immediately unblock drains. Block drains are the house of various diseases that you must avoid.


Bad smell is the major problem that you have to face when all the dirt and debris start to accumulate in your debris. The stagnant water, along with the debris, creates a bad smell. Living in your house 

Damage to House Structure

Besides, the health hazard the blocked pipes cause structural damage to your house. The drains getting block make the water flow back in the house, which gets absorbed by the walls. With time, the water makes the walls lose their strength. 

Your house is a safe place for you, and if you do not want to lose your safe, you need to call the experts to unblock drains London.

Mold and Pests

Stagnate water and debris are the breeding ground for the pests. Moreover, the humidity created by the blocked pipes becomes the ideal place for mold growth. The mold formation can also happen on the wet walls due to block drains, which you must avoid in your house. Pest also is hazardous to your house, for which you must unblock drains.

Slow Drainage

All the buildup in your pipeline interacts with the water pressure in your house. The clogged drains are the reason behind the poor drainage, and the only way to solve them is to unblock drains with the help of a professional. 

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