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Choosing the Right Sofa to Ring in 2021

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Completing the ideal living space – that balances comfort and style – can be a daunting task. Everyone wants to come home and relax in a space that reflects their personal style. None more important than the living room.

The top trends for 2021 have seen dark colors, greys, bright whites, and contrasting colors. When crafting the ideal living room there is one piece that is the focus – the sofa.

The sofa should stand out from the colors and other decor pieces in the space. This makes for an impactful statement piece that draws one’s attention.

Two popular color trends for 2021 are light pinks and deep plush blues. These colors can make a living room feel warm, yet elegant.

Light pink can brighten a dark room – or make a room with grey colors look soft and timeless. Homeowners love sofas that reflects both a light color, as well as a timeless shape like some of the sofas shown in Joybird reviews furniture. A sofa in a soft pink color is one example of being inviting, while still being soft and delicate. Introducing soft pinks gives the opportunity to d fit in with delicate furniture and decor.

When it comes to deep rich blues, they can come across as an eye-catching statement piece. They can be inserted into lighter colored rooms to add a pop of color- or placed in dark-colored rooms to make for a cozy warm living space.

What is clear about creating a living space that fits each person’s individual personality, begins with selecting the focal point for the entire living room. Building around the sofa allows for the addition of matching statement pieces or branching out into a modern mix of aesthetics.

When looking at sofa trends for 2021 simplicity, colors and elegant comfort are key. It is important to consider all aspects of what the living room design feel is looking to achieve. Consider looking at Joybird reviews or other sites that can help you pick the best sofa for your room.

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