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Five cheapest places to buy property in Zimbabwe

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5. Kuwadzana

Kuwadzana is not only a residential suburb but it is also a national assembly constituency which is located in Harare. This is not far from the Pamuzinda Highway Escape. Kuwadzana is on the western border of the city. It is located just south of the main Harare-Bulawayo road. The parliamentarian representative for this suburb is Nelson Chamisa. Harare is known by the locals as the sunshine city. The city has been expanding substantially over the last couple of years. Even so there are some excellent places around the city where is possible to enjoy the outdoors and to have a relaxing picnic. A house in Kuwadzana can cost US$35,000.

4. Southview Park

Southview Park is home to the head offices of ZETDC. Another landmark and attraction is St. Peter’s Kubatana. There is also the Shiriyeenga primary school and the Glen Nora No 2 high school. There are also several churches such as Glen Nora A Baptist church, Glen Nora main SDA church and AFM Dunamis revival center. There are several excellent shopping centers, restaurants and bars and remind you of Wales. The city also has an international airport with flights to just about any destination. A house can cost US$34,500.

3. Crescent

One of the most high intensity suburbs in Harare is Glen View. It is located near suburbs such as Mbare, Waterfalls and Highfield. Glen View is also home to the ZESA Harare Southern Region HQ. It is perfectly located in a quiet area of the city and it is within easy reach of shopping centers, restaurants and other places of entertainment. This is the fastest growing city in the country. And Crescent is in the perfect location allowing residents access to all of the benefits of a major city. A four bedroom house can be purchased for US$34,000 and can be purchased in only 7 days.

2. Southlea

People living in this suburb have lots of things to do because not far away there is a wildlife refuge known as Wild is life where a variety of animals can be seen. People also go to Harare Gardens when there are several historical monuments which can tell visitors about the history of the country. Another popular attraction is Mukuvisi Woodlands which is a large conservation area with indigenous wildlife and flora. It also has wide open spaces which makes it perfect for a lovely excursion. There is a lot to do in this area and a house will cost US$22,000.

1. Dondo

There is a long list of attractions around Dondo such as Imhanya Box Park, Domboshawa, and the Talent Development Villlage. Children love the Discovereum which is a museum for children which is have all kinds of interesting educational things which children can do. Locals and visitors also go to the Dendera Gallery and to the Museum of Human Sciences. There are many interesting exhibits as well as a library film finance and also a model village. There is also a very old relic which is claimed to be related to the Ark of the Covenant. This relic is supposed to be at least 700 years old. A house can cost US$19000.

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