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Five essential Remodeling Ideas for your Bathroom

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What is the state of your Bathroom? Is it worth taking a picture and posting it online? If the thought of it paints a different picture, then it’s time for a remodeling project. A remodeling project can involve a lot of things, which we will talk about in this article. Whether you want to create more storage space, minor change, or full remodel, you’ve various options to consider. 

No double Vanities 

You don’t need to install a double-sink vanity; you can ditch it for cabinet storage and countertop space. Using a single sink, you can design more drawers for your toiletry cabinets. Besides this, you can choose between shallow and deep drawers. Deep drawers are preferable if you want to keep tall bottles such as shampoo and hairspray. Nevertheless, to keep things tidy, Bathrooms Toowoomba advises you can opt for use shallow drawers.

Medication Cabinets

Medication cabinet is another remodeling you can perform as you gain more storage space. Medication cabinet styles vary depending on what suits your Bathroom. You can install a simple surface-mounted unit, heated, recessed or electrified unit. Today, the latest modification allows features, such as speakers for music and LCD screens for TV. With a medication cabinet, you can store all your small stuff in it.

Transform your bathtub into a shower

Bathrooms Toowoomba has remodeling experts that can transform your bathtub into a shower. However, this works better if you want a full remodel of your Bathroom. A 3-by-3 feet shower would be a comfortable size for older homes as it offers additional space for a cabinet to hold bathroom supplies, extra bedding, and towels.

Consider adding a Water Closet (WC)

You can build something new in your Bathroom if you can separate your bathroom space with a WC for the toilet. You can think of this remodeling as having your cabinets at one end and the toilet at the other. To do this, you would need a professional Bathrooms Toowoomba company to undertake this project.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Mounted cabinets come in different sizes and shapes; you can also create custom cabinetry to complement your vanity cabinets. These units allow you to organize smaller items while making your Bathroom look ordered. 

Bathrooms Toowoomba puts various things into consideration to maximize storage space in your Bathroom. If you think your Bathroom requires remodeling, don’t hesitate to call the professionals to discuss the different options and ideas available.

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