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Foundation crack – Reasons and solutions to consider

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When someone gets their house constructed, they never think about the damage of the house until something occurs. Most of the people never pay attention to the construction of houses, buildings and bridges. That’s the reason it rattles off and many people get injured because of it. There are so many reasons of collapsing the buildings and houses but one of the major reasons is foundation crack which numerous people underestimate just because they think it’s a normal thing on the buildings. Foundation crack can occur due to poor material of construction, soil condition and natural disasters like earthquake, heavy rainfall etc. Due to heavy rainfall, when the level of the water increases and soil is not able to absorb and get moist, it can cause foundation crack. To get the best repair services, you can contact www.qualitycrawlspacerepairs.com.

Tips to repair the foundation crack

  • Hair line crack – It appears on the doors, windows inside the basement wall and the corners of the wall. This kind of crack mostly appears after the construction. If you want to cover it, just paint it with a good paint.
  • Narrow crack – Narrow crack is a crack which needs to be monitored because it needs to be repaired. Gradually, it expands day by day so take action immediately and fill it with some concrete.
  • Horizontal crack – Horizontal crack is the most dangerous crack. It occurs when heavy rainfall takes place and the pressure of the water from the outside of the wall can’t stand in the foundation. Epoxy injection is a great method to repair the horizontal crack. The concrete of the wall restores its original strength and welds the crack with the epoxy injection.
  • Vertical crack – After the construction, concrete can shrink. This type of shrink is known as Shrinkage crack and it occurs vertically or diagonally on the walls. It can also be repaired through the epoxy injection. 


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