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Future Proofing Your Home With A Room Addition

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Moving is one of the most stressful, costly and time-consuming things a person can do, and if you could avoid having to do it, you would, wouldn’t you?

Provided you like the area and neighborhood you’re already living in, and the property you’ve bought has enough room for a little expansion (upwards, outwards or into another space) to accommodate your growing needs, why would you move if you didn’t have to?

Adding a room to your existing home is a wonderfully cost-effective and convenient way of ensuring that the home you live in now (and love), can meet your needs well into the future.

What could you do with an extra room?

Shouldn’t the question be: what can’t you do with an extra room? When it comes to home addition, the possibilities are quite literally endless, but while they might be too many to count (and certainly too many to list here), we’ve highlighted some of the most popular uses for an extra room (or two):

Turn it into a home office

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, being able to work safely from home has become a real bonus, and for some families and individuals, a necessity. While some people might be able to rearrange their existing rooms to accommodate a home office, others may need to extend their home to include one, or at the very least, knock down a dividing wall or two.

Give baby his/her own room

As your family expands, it can be tempting to simply make do with the space you’ve got, and put the new baby into a crib next to your bed – until they’re old enough to share a room with their siblings – but this isn’t always good for family dynamics. Make your bedroom yours, and give baby their very own nursery. The room doesn’t need to be huge, but it will make a big difference to the entire household.

Create a room to accommodate elderly relatives

Many families want to care for aging relatives at home but simply don’t have the space to do so. By adding an extra room on the ground floor of your home (to avoid the additional cost of stairlifts etc.), you can help care for those who may have cared for you when they were able to.

Make the space multi-functional

By adding a room that can be versatile in its uses, you can ensure that whatever may happen (such as if you need to suddenly start working from home) and whoever might show up unannounced, you’ve got a space that fits the bill. With couches that can be converted into beds and clever storage, you can make the most of the space, as and when you need it.

Future proofing your home is made easy with a room addition, and when you compare it to the cost of moving home – not to mention the stress and effort that goes along with it – adding a room or two to your home, seems like the obvious solution. 

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