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Guide for North Carolina Homeowners: 5 Reasons You Should Install Thermally Broken Steel Doors and Windows

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Steel doors and windows are the modern-day sleek and stylish touch that your home in North Carolina needs. Besides its attractive forms including factory-style steel doors and windows and steel sliding doors and steel pocket doors, the metal outfits also offer functional benefits. Architects and home builders also admire steel doors and windows due to their eco-friendly properties. Hailed as the most recycled material on earth, steel continues to climb the ladder of favorable metal in the architectural world. 

Thermally broken steel doors and windows are one step ahead of the traditional steel outfits. These energy-efficient doors and windows combine aesthetics with functionality to provide an ultimate experience. Here’s why your home in North Carolina needs thermally broken steel doors and windows


Steel is a good conductor of heat. Thermally broken steel doors, on the other hand, are infused with advanced technology to reduce heat conduction. Thermally broken steel doors and windows are your best pals during the humid days in North Carolina when you can rely on them to remain cool and composed. 

Curb appeal 

Due to their eco-friendly and insulating properties, thermally broken steel doors and windows are a desirable feature for homes in the state. These properties contribute to the increased real estate value of modern homes in the market and potential homebuyers also prefer buying homes with this cutting-edge technology. 

Long lasting 

As compared to standard steel and iron doors, thermally broken steel doors can last a long time. Steel doesn’t become infested like wood and resists corrosion. And as compared to aluminum, thermally broken steel offers a more robust and durable substitute for your windows. 


Thermally broken steel doors have an impressive fire-resistant rating, can stand the test of time and weather changes and require minimal maintenance. Busy homeowners can’t spend a significant amount of money and time repairing and inspecting their doors. Thermally broken steel doors are a convenient option that don’t require much maintenance due to their robust and long-lasting properties. 


Thermally broken steel doors and windows come in many styles. Whether your home is set in contemporary architecture or has a modern layout, you can find many suitable options in the wide range of ornamental steel doors and windows at Pinky’s Iron Doors. 

About the author 

The author is a door designer and manufacturer who works at Pinky’s Iron Doors. The company produces thermally broken iron doors, pocket steel doors, iron patio doors, bi-fold accordion doors, steel sliding doors, double wrought iron doors, steel doors, iron doors, and black steel French doors at unmatched rates. 

They also provide door maintenance tools such as transoms, sidelights, iron door spray, and merchandise.

In their free time, the author enjoys Broadway and indulges in delectable Italian cuisine. 

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