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Guide to choose the best roofing shingle color for your home

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Everyone wants to change the color scheme of the house after a few years. These changes give a refreshing look. Anyways, change is always good. Moreover, people change the color of their homes according to fashion. Sometimes, there is a fashion of light color then the next season bright color homes come in fashion. Trends come and go. The color scheme also changes accordingly. 

If you are thinking of rebuilding your roof. Then this is high time to consider changing the color as well. If you do not like the color or you want a change then you can ask your contractor for the help. There are many things you should consider before selecting the roofing shingle color. Because it is not easy to change the color so often this would be a waste of time, money and energy. 

Even you can select a different daring color as an experiment. Or you can choose the previous color as well. Whatever the case is, you need the help of your contractor to help you select the right thing with enhanced features. Here in this article, we have mentioned some important guidelines that will help you to build the roof of your desire.

Select the best contractors

You should keep the various things in mind before selecting any contractor.  Your budget, their quality of work, insurance, and so on. Communicate each and every detail with your contractor. Ask him to provide you with the best options keeping in mind your budget and needs. Ask him for recommendations and the pros and cons of different coloring schemes and shingle texture. This is your house which you are going to make after great efforts, so select the best roofing services for help in making the right choices. 

Color of the roof

This is the main decision you have to take while getting a new roof. The main defining element of your house is the roof. You have heard about the proverb ‘first impression is the last impression’. The first impression of your house is the roof. So, make wise decisions. 

If you have a modern house then wooden color would look an indecent choice. Likewise, if you have a traditional old-fashioned house then a bright-colored roof must be a weird option. Choosing the right color is difficult, but it is very crucial. Even though you should think about having some conventional colors, give yourself a chance to be creative and select something new and beautiful. You can also opt for different coloring schemes: black and grey with a white house; a red brick house with a light roof; and you can go for contrast as well.

It should be also noted that dark roofing color may decrease the focus from your house; however, light colors would make your hose prominent and attractive. 

The pattern of the shingle

Besides, choosing a color you should also focus on the pattern and texture of the shingles. The material of the shingle being used is so important. You ought to decide which material do you desire or need like asphalt, cedar, etc. there are various textures that look very good with specific colors: stonemasonry or brick walls with smooth textured roofing material e.g. metal, and slate; smooth sidings with multicolored and multi-textured asphalt. If you will not decide this then somebody else would do this for your home, nobody wants others to be authoritative on his property. 

Effects of light

It is very necessary to check the effect of lighting on the roof. For this purpose, take a shingle and check its color outside of your house during the day time. Because if you have just selected the color online or in the shop. And you have not checked how it might look on a bright day then there are some chances that there would be a difference. This might help you to select the right color and tone of the shingle. 

Evaluate live examples

Contracts always recommend you to check the roofing and color of the shingles of some houses. Look around your neighborhood. There will be some homes whose roofing style and shingle color would match your requirement. Then ask yourself do I want this or not. Whether I want to add some modifications? Does this color look good according to the surrounding? There must be many questions in your mind. Try to find the answer to each question by looking at similar homes. This will also give you a clear picture of how this particular shingle color looks in natural light. 

The exterior of the house

Almost 35-40% of the exterior of the house consists of a roof. This is a large percentage. If you want your house to look beautiful and pretty then you should select the roofing color with great care. You can be creative in this regard. Like you design the interior of the house, you can also design the exterior. So do not just rely on the contractors. Your house is your canvas. For making your desired customized home try to paint the canvas with beautiful colors because the exterior needs your attention as well. 

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