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How do I choose a Roman shade colour?

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Roman shades are made to keep the sunlight away, and picking the right color for it will help it do its job and make your place look prettier. Here is how to choose the right color for it.

Blend the color.

Suppose you are someone who likes to keep things simple and would want your room to look as aesthetic as it can; pick a color for the roman shade that matches with the color scheme of your room, especially the walls and the windows. Pick a color that would not stand out in the room but blend right in with the atmosphere of the place and feel at home.

Stay neutral.

Pick a few neutral colors if you are unsure what colors to choose from and where to start. They would look great no matter where you put them; they match with most things in your room, and in addition to that, they have a certain soothing effect. Next, match them with any other component in your room; it could be anything from a desk, a table to even your bookshelf or the rug.

Bold colors.

Choosing the color of your shade reflects the kind of style you have, and if you are someone who likes to experiment and take risks, bold colors are for you. They would not only pop out in the room but would add an extra element to the entire vibe of the room. In addition, bright and bold colors bring a certain sense of positivity to the room and do a great job of cheering everyone up. Plus, it will be a great feeling rolling up a bright-colored roman shade in the morning to let some bright sunlight in.

Solid or pattern?

The biggest question that you need to answer when picking a color for the roman shades is whether you want something solid or your shades to be patterned. There are positives to picking any of those. If your room is of a solid color, you can either pick a solid colored roman shade to match the room’s vibe or go for patterns to create an amazing contrast, and the same rule applies to a room filled with patterns. Pick patterns that are not too bold but are simplistic.

Look for similar shades.

When you are looking for a color for your shades, irrespective of whether you want it to blend in or stand out, make sure you pick a color already present in your room, no matter how small it is. Even if it is a pen stand in your study or the walls, it has to be present in your room to feel like it belongs there and does not feel completely out of place. You could even pick a roman shade of an entirely odd color and then decorate your room according to that color and change the décor.

This will surely help you pick the right Roman color without any hesitations and doubts.

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