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How Much Does a Mold Inspection Cost?

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The average cost of the mold inspection is $300-high as $1,000. You should find potential problems that may cause high mold growth, such as dampness, leaks, and flooding. There are certain things you should know about mold.

Mold inspections, in general, can be divided into two categories:

Non-intrusive and intrusive. A non-intrusive inspection is one in which the inspector does not need to physically enter your property or disturb any surface to assess the extent of mold growth. Intrusive mold inspections, on the other hand, require physical access to surfaces and areas that have been affected by mold. Intrusive inspections are generally recommended for large projects due to their ability to collect a more complete data set with fewer gaps in the information.

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The cost of a mold inspection is dependent on several factors:

  1. Size of Structure & Property – A small house will have a smaller mold inspection cost than a larger or commercial building.
  2. Extent of the Project – The extent of the project generally dictates the amount of time taken to inspect and the number of areas that need to be inspected for signs of mold contamination, which in turn affects your overall cost. In cases where there is extensive damage due to flooding or long-term water leakage, a thorough inspection may take several days. In the case of small projects, such as checking for mold in your bathroom around grout joints, you can expect a smaller project to be completed within an hour or two.
  3. Location – As with any type of construction work or repair work, location plays a significant role in the cost of a mold inspection. Since mold inspectors charge by the hour, travel time to and from your property will affect your overall cost. Forhigh-rise buildings and other hard-to-access properties expect a higher travel time and transportation cost.
  4. Conditions – The property’s conditions may affect the cost of mold inspection, particularly in cases where there is extensive water damage or significant structural problems present.
  5. Type of Inspection – In lieu of a visual inspection, you can opt for a more detailed type of mold testing that requires a lower threshold for evidence of mold.

Mold inspection costs may be charged by the hour and can vary significantly depending on the size and scope of your project.

Whom to contact?

Suppose you believe that your home or office may be infested with mold or has experienced water damage. In that case, it is important to contact a qualified Mold Inspection in Atlanta professional as soon as possible. A professional inspector should be able to help determine whether there is a mold.

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