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How One Entrepreneur is Changing Lives in Rural India

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Some people are frightened by change. They feel tempted to run and hide when something catastrophic happens. Others are inspired by it, seeing change as an opportunity to innovate and create something new instead of relying on the old ways of doing things.

Vedang Khetawat is one such entrepreneur who is inspired by change. The recent global pandemic ignited a spark in him and drove him to create his startup company 999services.com. The company is an AC services company that operates on a subscription basis to provide reputable, cost-effective AC services to people across India.

During a time of economic uncertainty and upheaval, Vedang recognised the need for micro-entrepreneurship in India. His new company provides opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs with technical expertise in installing, servicing, replacing, and repairing AC units. It also opens up new opportunities for local vendors who he relies on for refurbishing AC units and getting parts to fix them.

The company’s premise is to provide reliable, affordable AC service to people throughout India. It uses a subscription model so that homeowners can expect regular service performed by familiar, local technicians. This creates a safe environment for customers who want to know that they can trust the people entering their home for AC service. The up-front pricing model ensures transparency, so customers will never experience the shock of an unexpected fee or payment.

Impacting Lives One AC Unit at a Time

It might seem a little overboard to say that AC repair services can be life-changing. Still, in rural India, where money, time, and transportation options are often limited, providing local, in-home AC services can be a lifeline for a lot of families.

Vedang wants to improve lives for everyone in rural areas, from his customers to his vendors and technicians. By working with local technicians, Vedang is encouraging micro-entrepreneurship through the company’s extensive technician and vendor network. This opens avenues for people living in rural areas who may have struggled to find a reliable job without leaving home in the past.

One of his main goals with 999services.com is to promote entrepreneurship throughout the country so that people who live in rural areas have the means and training necessary to branch out and develop essential skills that will lead to further innovation and business opportunities.

Building a Business that Aligns with Government Objectives

The Indian government has been making strides to bring the internet to rural areas by expanding its telecommunications network across the country over the last decade. Additional infrastructure projects are coming that will continue to improve the lives of everyone who lives in rural areas, including those dedicated to transportation, healthcare, and advanced technologies.

Vedang respects and admires the Indian government and everything it is trying to achieve to help its population. He wants to contribute to their mission by encouraging economic growth through entrepreneurship. As a compliant taxpayer, he is committed to improving the Indian economy by keeping money flowing into local communities and ensuring that taxes are paid to the Indian government instead of going to other countries.

Entrepreneurship is the path forward for India. Vedang is one entrepreneur who is making change happen and bringing more opportunities to all parts of India. Learn more about his company at 999services.com.

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