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How to choose the best skip in Camberley and know about the different types:

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The dump truck, as its name suggests, is a truck with a tipper. This construction machine is used to transport various materials such as rubble, waste, and other bulky items produced during construction or demolition work. Generally, this vehicle is equipped with a container to store the materials to be evacuated. The size of the bins varies according to the storage volume needs. Dumpsters can also be equipped with rear doors and can be lifted to empty their contents.

If you are looking for the best Camberley skip hire at the best prices, do not hesitate to contact us now. Our company provides you with all-cubage dumpsters for rent.

No need to invest in a dump truck:

The company offers a Camberley skip hire for businesses and individuals. No need to invest in this type of expensive construction vehicle to get rid of construction waste. Rental remains one of the most advantageous and lower-cost alternatives for occasional use. And depending on your needs, it is possible to rent a dump truck by the day or for a longer period.

How to choose a dump truck?

For the right Camberley skip hire one that suits your needs, it is essential to correctly estimate the quantity or volume of construction waste to be evacuated. This vehicle becomes essential when transporting large quantities of materials.

A truck can carry a payload of one ton. The so-called tipping skip facilitates unloading and the large storage capacity guarantees optimal loading and considerably reduces round trips, from the site to the processing center.

As for the price of renting a dump truck, it varies according to the model and the options are chosen. The Camberley skip hire company accompanies each customer by offering a quality service at advantageous rates.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to advise you on the type of vehicle best suited to your needs. Throughout the service delivery, customers benefit from technical assistance in the event of a breakdown or mechanical problem. After requesting a quote and booking the dump truck, it is delivered to the site and then safely removed by our company driver.

The different types of dump trucks possible:

– The removable skip: This is a skip resting on the chassis of the truck that can be unhooked and deposited on the site.

– Dropside dump body: This is a dump body whose volume can be increased using drop sides or extensions.

– The open skip: Open from the top, the materials are loaded from the top and can be covered by a tarp or a net when the skip is full and ready to be removed.

– The tipping skip: Skip allowing loading from the rear or from the side, laterally.

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