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How to choose the perfect garden shed

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Investing in a brand-new shed for your back garden or yard is an important consideration. You might have an old, shabby shed that is falling apart, or no shed at all, but you need somewhere to safely store away your gardening tools and equipment, bicycle, scooter, or anything else you wish to store in a secure way. On top of the storage solutions, you want to purchase and install a luxury garden shed that looks great, is an intrinsic part of the whole garden aesthetic. Your options for garden sheds are between traditional wooden sheds, plastic sheds, or metal storage sheds.

What should you be considering when choosing the perfect garden shed for your home?

Size of the garden shed

The first thing to consider is the space that you have available in your garden or yard where a shed will fit comfortably. Not only must you consider the dimensions of the shed once it has been installed, but also room around it for access, maintenance and cleaning work, making sure any windows and doors can be opened without a squeeze. You must also consider exactly what you want to store in it in terms of quantities, as this will give you an idea on size (although we know that you’ll always fill a shed, no matter how big it is!).

What will you use your garden shed for?

There are many ways you can use your garden shed. For most people, its use is as a storage solution, which could mean storing gardening tools, power tools, bicycles, and other materials. In some cases, a garden shed is a workspace. Whatever it is you want to use your shed for will have an impact on its size.

Material choices – what type of shed do you want?

The material that your shed is made from is important too. In essence, you have the choice between timber, plastic, or metal garden sheds. 

Timber sheds – Wooden sheds are easy to assemble, they are sturdy, look good and provide us with everything we expect from a garden shed in terms of look and feel. They do require a certain level of maintenance and attention over time though. 

Plastic sheds – Plastic sheds were all the rage for a short while, as plastics became stronger and more robust. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, but are less sturdy and secure than a metal garden shed.

Metal garden sheds – This is the best choice as far as we’re concerned. A galvanised steel surface offers great levels of protection against potential theft and all weathered elements, making it the sturdiest choice that is long-lasting and looks great in your garden.

Assembly requirements

The next part is thinking about how easy the shed is to assemble. The best suppliers of luxury garden sheds will provide you with everything you need to ensure that installation is smooth and effective. The last thing you need is to have the materials but no clue and no assistance in the installation process.

Choosing a garden shed for your home takes time and consideration. Think about the right supplier for your needs, with the correct level of support and the best types of luxury garden shed and metal garden storage solutions that meet your needs.

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