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How to Detail Your Car

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Want to save some bucks by doing car detailingon your own? Looking for ways to detail your car like a boss? Stick to the article for the best DIY car detailing ever. We will give you some useful tips to detail the interior and exterior of your car below.

Rinse And Wash The Exterior With Water:

Begin exterior car washing by rinsing it with clear water. Doing so will prevent grinding the road grit and surface dust into your paint finish.  Afterward, it’s time to wash the exterior of your car with a quality car wash detergent.

Using Graphite Powder For The Door Locks:

Use dry graphite powder to keep the door locks moving freely. To get at the door lock, you possibly require pushing the dust protector flap back gently with a small metal nail file. All it takes is a quick pump of the tube for dispensing enough graphite. Move the lock cylinder using your key, again and again,for working the graphite powder into the mechanism.

Vacuuming The Interior:

Vacuum the console, headliner, door panels, and dashboard. Then, clean every glass, and dust the crannies and nooks. Moreover, use a detailing brush for sweeping the dust out of the cracks.

Clean The Carpet And Clothed Seats:

Wondering about that dirt settled into the carpet fibers? Use a carpet cleaning machine for spraying the carpet with a water solution and sucking the grime and dirt into a reservoir. Instead, you can also clean the carpet with a scrub brush and spray-on cleaner.

Remove Gunk From Crannies And Nooks:

  • Take an old screwdriver and wrap a cloth around it.
  • Then, spray all-purpose cleaner all over the cloth.
  • The next step involves moving the screwdriver gently along the trim lines for picking up the filth.
  • Move it around all the controls and buttons, too, continuously refreshing the cloth surface.

Wrapping It Up:

So, these were some useful car detailing tips to let you know how to detail your car on your own. You can keep with your car maintenance and save great bucks by following those tips.

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