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How To Fix Leaking Showers Perth

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A leaking shower can be very annoying. If you have leaking showers Perth in your home, you need to know how you can fix them at once. One of the secrets of having leaking-free showers is using quality materials. However, high-quality material isn’t the only factor. Follow the following professional tips to ensure that your showers don’t leak.

Stopping Leaking Showers Perth

Good Foundation

The first thing to do to ensure a leak-free shower home is to build a proper foundation for your shower enclosure. If you fail to do that, everything else will be right. If your house has plastered block or brick walls then that will already be a proper foundation.

Preparing the foundation will only require you to ensure that the surface is level and smooth. However, if your bathroom’s floor is wooden, then the process of preparation will require being taken more seriously. A wooden floor is like to move over time. That means you’ll need to prevent that by strengthening it.

You can do that by adding additional noggins or braces to the joints. Alternatively, you can lay a thin tile backer board or plywood over the floorboards.

Work On The Walls

Does your home have plasterboard walls? Well, you can replace the plasterboard in your shower room with a water-resistant tile-backer board. The plasterboard absorbs water and if water gets to the tiles, the plasterboard can swell up and dislodge the tile flooring.

Additionally, you can choose from extruded foam or concrete-based tile-backer board. For the walls, you can go with the foam type as it’s more lightweight, easier to cut and install. You can simply glue it to a solid wall or screw it into partition struts with special washers and screws. The joints between sections of the water-resistant tile-backer ought to always be taped over the waterproof and flexible type.

Solid Base

Normally, shower trays come with metal legs but they are often inadequate for preventing movement over time, especially on a wooden floor. For that reason, it’s good to create a sturdy wooden shower base. You can utilize a layer of plywood over the base to keep moisture away.

If you’ll be installing a level of wet-room type shower tray that you’ll layover, then a base won’t be necessary. However, strengthening the floor is important for the kind of shower to prevent movement.

Secure The Solid Base

Again, if you have a wooden floor, then the shower base has to be fixed to the walls. If that’s not done, there will be a possibility of the base movement if the floor moves. So, screw the base into the solid wall or wall partition stud frame. Additionally, you still utilize the metal legs provided to make sure that the tray is completely stable.

Purchase a Solid Show Tray

You should always opt for a solid tray like resin or porcelain to allow the tray to remain well fixed and not flex. Inexpensive acrylic trays will usually move, lead to gaps and eventually leaking showers.

Water-resistant shower area

You can provide a waterproof layer on top of your walls and floor before tiling. That will add to the cost of installing a shower. However, it’s worth it because there will be no chances of leaks even when the movement of the shower tray or floor happens.

Use Proper Tiling Products

You may choose to use natural stone, traditional ceramic tiles, or modern porcelain tiles. But, you’ll require choosing a flexible, waterproof adhesive that’s suitable for the type of tile and weight. Utilize an impermeable, polymer grout and the right silicone sealant for finishing off the ideal leak-free shower installation.


The above guidelines will help you to avoid leaking showers in your home. You may require a professional to help you with the installation processes. The leaking showers Perth are always there for you when you need them.

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