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How You Would Select The Right Nursery Furniture

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For your child’s room, storage must be practical and accessible. For example, you can install wheeled bins, toy boxes by theme and by color. Remember to place cupboards, wardrobes, toy boxes and dressers within easy reach of children to encourage them to tidy up. If the lack of space forces you to store high up, then place items that they do not use much there. The chests as a bedside table, in which sliding books and magazines are also space saving.

Small objects, figurines and doll clothes will remain classified thanks to “columns” of transparent drawers. A few tips can also increase storage possibilities at a lower cost. Attach hooks behind doors and hang canvas bags on them to collect toys or laundry. Finally, you can use a hammock between the bed and a shelf that will loose all the bulky toys. Now is the time for you to have the best options in Nursery furniture. Choose the best options and get the finest solutions available for your young ones. No doubt that you will find the best choices there.

A room that looks like him

Try from the start to design a room that looks like him, that tends towards his own universe. From the age of 3, the character of the child asserts itself, he begins to express his tastes and desires. Thus his room becomes the reflection of his personality. Get inspired by his passions, what he likes to decorate and furnish his room. You can simply ask him what he wants or offer him a color chart, different superheroes he likes to decorate his room, for example. A children’s room must meet its needs according to its age, so by favoring evolving furniture you do not have to change it regularly.

A floor suitable for children

Hard floors are easier to maintain but not very popular with children to play with. Carpets, long associated with the idea of ​​dust nests and responsible for allergies, are now entitled to a comeback. Finally, they are healthier, can be natural and are easier to maintain than before. In addition, they bring better thermal and acoustic comfort to the bedroom. However, the latter requires regular vacuuming.

Safety is essential

So that your children can play in peace, make their room as secure as possible. Electricity must have a standard installation: earthed sockets, fitted with socket covers (or eclipse sockets) if they are not used and located at a height of 1 m if possible. Avoid anything that is extension cords, multiple sockets and string lights.

The window can be equipped with a system preventing the child from opening it alone and avoid placing a piece of furniture that can serve as a step underneath. For heating, the ideal temperature is 20 ° C. In winter, use an electric convector, and in summer, a portable air conditioner. When the radiators are hot, a burn quickly occurs: plan a cover on the top, on which you can place books and toys.

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