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Insulated Glass performance data-Vitro Glass VS China Morn

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Vitro Glass,was established in 1909 in Monterrey ,Mexico,After acquiring PPG glass in 2016,including 4 float glass production factories in USA,research and development center &distribution center in Canada,now Vitro glass has been leading glass manufacturer in Mexico&North America area and one of the world’s major glass companies,offering quality products and reliable services to meet the needs of global auto and architectural glass requirement.

Now the Vitro glass has high performance low-E coating products specialized designed for North America and Mexico weathers,including:

  • Double silver low-E products: Solarban 60, Solarban 67
  • Triple silver low-E products:Solarban 70,, Solarban 72,Solarban 90.
  • High light reflectance products:Solarban R77, Solarban R100.
  • Solar reflective glass products:Solarcool.

Combining with its body tinted glass,starphire glass products,Vitro glass now has been the priority when customers considering increasing building energy saving performance.

Download complete Vitro glass performance data here:Vitro performance charts

Here we introduce the Vitro high performance low-E coated insulated glass performance ,and recommend our matched coatings:

  1. Solarban 60.

Solarban® 60 glass has up to 70% light transmittance and block 62% solar energy which can help you achieve your design vision with the ultimate transparency with energy efficiency. Combined with PPG starphire glass,the light transmittance can be increased further to 74% with certainly increase SHGC.

Morn Matched glass coating manufactured in China is MDE80A.

  1. Solarban 67

Difference from Solarban 60,Solarban 67 has lower light transmittance and neutral appearance,excellent solar control performance that transmits and reflects colors with remarkably crisp fidelity.

Morn Matched Coating:MJDE57 with light grey reflectance color.

  1. Solarban 70

Solarban 70 is the world most famous triple silver low-E coatings with high light transmittance,neutral appearance and the low SHGC which transfer the hot solar light into cold light.In pas decade,sales volume reached 30 million square meters world wide,it’s the most popular option for LEED projects and appointed by most architects when designing their energy saving buildings.

Morn Matched Coatings from China:MWTE70 and MJTE70.The difference is,MWTE70 has lower light transmittance compared with solarban 70,of course inferior performance result in better price.

  1. Solarban 72

Solarban 72 is an upgraded low-E option with low iron substrates.PPG starphire is world famous ultra clear glass brand,it brings higher light transmittance and more high end appearance to the building.

Morn Matched low iron brand in China is Jinjing Zhichun glass,which is also an upgraded low iron products with lower iron content and more clear view compared with normal low iron glass.

Compared with Solarban 72,Morn MJTE72 has 3% higher light transmittance,it’s perfect option for your building requiring the highest cold light and cost saving requirement.

  1. Solarban 90

Developed with the input of architects and in the tradition of the Solarban® family of low‑e glasses, Solarban® 90 glass combines exceptional solar control performance with neutral aesthetics.It has medium light transmittance while keeping high glass LSG to prevent solar energy transmit glass to keep indoor comfortable,ideal glass for medium latitude areas.For hot areas,the coating can be on body tinted substrates to achieve even lower SC.

Morn Matched glass coating from China:MTE60.

  1. Solarban R77

Solarban R77 was developed to suit high light reflectance  realizing capturing the visual character of the sky and ambient environment.it’s widely used in glass skylights and low altitude areas.

China Morn matched glass coating:MDE50D.

  1. Solarban R100

Benefiting from the high light reflectance,Solarban R100 has up to 1.82LSG ratio which makes it one of the best-performing architectural glass products on the market.

Unfortunately as glass reflectance ratio is strictly forbidden in China to avoid possible light pollution,currently we don’t have matched coatings,the closest coating is MJDE45.

So we can get below summary chart to see clearly the difference between Vitro glass and the China low-E coatings that Morn offer to clients:


Working With China top low-E coating manufacturers-Jinjing Group,XYG,TG, Morn now is able to supply low-E coated insulated glass that matching the world famous brands,with much lower costs and equivalent quality&excellent service,we’re confidence our joining will help finishing your great building with costs saving and happy work.

Kindly contact us if any insulated glass are required.

Contact us:

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