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Know What To Expect From A Fence Company Geelong

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Just like most of the homeowners in your area you too may leave the job of fence building for a professional fence company Geelong. This will ensure a better and faster job done. However, they will also have their own policy, culture, and of course, quirks. You will have to deal with all of it. Therefore, it is important that you know what exactly you can expect when a professional from a fence company arrives. Remember, having a professional fence company do the job is certainly a far better option than doing the physical work yourself but it is not smooth sailing always. 

Visits for estimation

No reliable fence company will give you an estimate without a physical visit made to your property. They will assess everything from the property to the surrounding, from your needs to that of the neighboring plot. They will also consider the liability issues associated with the project. It is for this reason a reputed fence company will two sets of outside staff. One is the estimator and the other is the actual builder. The job of the estimator of a large company is to find the cost involved in the project and move on without spending much time with the builders. 

The waiting times

There is no need to expect that once the estimator leaves your premise the builders will be in the queue to start the job. Ideally, the builders can take forever to arrive and start with the project. Therefore, be prepared because the actual work will take much longer to get completed. The time factors also include the location, your requests, the permits necessary and the efficiency of the workers. Backlog, material supply, issues with the utility lines, and inclement weather may also add to the time. Therefore, expect some delays in the work.

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