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Learn How to Grow a Garden on your Balcony

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One of the most amazing things about balconies is how versatile they are. If your home has a balcony, you can decide to utilize it in several ways, including setting up a private garden.

Setting up a balcony garden is one of the most impactful ways you can utilize a balcony. This article will share tips on how to set up and grow a garden right on your balcony.

If the idea of greenery softening your home’s look and growing food for both humans and bees excites you, then you have come to the right place.

Can Your Balcony Support a Garden?

This is the golden question that needs to be answered before every other because if you begin growing a garden on a balcony that cannot support one, it can lead to catastrophe.

Soil, water, and clay pots tend to weigh a lot, so you need to find out the weight restrictions of your balcony and building.

Speak to building professionals and relevant authorities to establish the weight you can work with or if your balcony can support a garden.

This step is critical, so do not skip it.

Balcony Aspect

After ascertaining how much weight your balcony can support, the ideal next step is to figure out where your balcony faces.

Whether your balcony faces North, East, West or South might seem like an unnecessary detail to consider.

However, keep in mind that the sun’s aspect to your balcony is a critical factor to consider when launching your gardening project.

Different plants require different amounts and intensity of sunlight daily.

Think Outside of the Box

A lot of the time, space and weight can be hindrances to growing your ideal balcony garden. However, there is a technology that eliminates a lot of the materials that add to the weight of gardens.

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture. It is a type of horticultural method that grows plants without soil.

Mineral nutrient solutions are used in the place of soil, and they work fine. When you purchase hydroponics growing solutions from an online hydroponics store, you instantly broaden your horizon in terms of what you can grow, and how you can grow.

Choose the Right Plants

No plant is universally accepted to be better than others for balcony garden purposes. Instead, take into consideration the type of weather you experience, the amount of sunlight you get daily and the amount of water needed to survive.

Ideally, consider growing plants that have similar needs in terms of sunlight, water, and exposure.

How Much Time Do You Have?

When considering plants to grow on your new balcony garden, keep in mind how much care and attention you will be willing to give them.

Do you travel a lot? Are you available most times? Do you live alone? These are considerations you should make when choosing which plants to grow.

Some plants are more resilient than others, while some demand constant care and attention to survive.

Access to Water

Unfortunately, most balcony gardeners do not consider water supply when planning for their garden. This can end up being problematic for a lot of garden balcony enthusiasts.

Thirsty plants living in large pots consume a considerable amount of water, and sometimes faucets end up being far from plants or unavailable.

If you do not want to make multiple water trips or you have numerous plants, consider investing in a watering can that can be filled conveniently.

Grow up Balcony Walls

If you are feeling adventurous and there are no restrictions against it, you may want to consider growing on walls.

Growing on walls is quite popular, but not everyone can take advantage of it. If you can, then we strongly advise you to consider it.

By attaching trellis or pots to your balcony walls, you will get more growing space, and your walls will get a “green cover” that is exceptionally beautiful.

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