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LED Mirrors: How Do They Work, And Why Do You Need One

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For homeowners thinking of enhancing their bathroom’s overall look, an LED mirror is an addition they can consider. LED mirrors for bathrooms are typically equipped with special lighting around their surface, producing a clearer reflection.

Benefits of LED Mirrors For Bathrooms

An LED bathroom mirror can give additional lighting, which makes it easier for people to shave, apply makeup, and do other daily routines that need good lighting. Hardwired LED mirrors can also create a more relaxing atmosphere in a bathroom, and some also come with smart features wherein the user can have a Bluetooth connection to play their favorite songs while preparing for the day.

An LED mirror does not need an electrical charger for it to work. Unlike traditional and fluorescent light bulbs, LED mirrors require little electricity. LED mirrors can last over a decade, depending on their usage, indicating that this bathroom fixture can be a long-term investment.

There are two types of LED mirrors that homeowners can choose from. The first type is an LED mirror comprising fitting strips of LED lights angled towards the mirror frames, typically seen in a clothing store’s fitting rooms. 

Another type of LED mirror is where LED lights and diffusers are behind the glass panel on the mirror’s exterior. All kinds of mirrors have two essential parts: a smooth metal surface and a layer of glass that protects the surface. LED mirror manufacturers produce this type of mirror to create an effect in which the mirrors make light.

To get the perfect LED mirror for a bathroom, some crucial factors include the size of the bathroom, the vanity, and the sink. Homeowners can also choose which mirror shape they want for their bathroom. Some opt for round mirrors, while others prefer square, arch, oval, or rectangular mirrors.

For more details about how LED mirrors work and why your bathroom needs one, here is an infographic from Remer.


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