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Living Room Trends for 2021        

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When it comes to decorating your living room, there are plenty of ideas you can play around with. 2021 has witnessed the arrival of new textures, new palettes as well as new ideas to turn a house into a well-loved home. With plenty of trending living room decor ideas¸ it may be difficult to decode each one and finalize a style that you love. The trick lies in finding inspiration in the different trends and coming up with your unique style for your living room with furniture from top manufacturers like Wakefit. Here are a few of the latest living room trends to get you inspired and ready for a living room makeover:

Swaddle Up With A Calm Colour Palette

If you are seeking ultimate comfort and calm in your living room, it is time to check out the Calm Colour Palette. This colour palette serves as the base for many modern living room trends this year. It helps soothe people and comfort them during trying times as they spend more time in their homes than outside due to the global pandemic. Studies have shown that neutrals and warm colours are resting and calming schemes. These tones can be used to make your living room modern without overwhelming you at the same time.

Neutral tones can be combined with paler creams, warm olive greens and other earthy tones to create a contemporary and modern look. You can also add white to this colour palette for a fresh and uplifting look. Another way to add new elements to this style is by adding a few textural elements like wooden finishes, linens and wool. According to experts in the interior designing industry, adding a textured armchair or sofa is a sure shot way to create a calm living room. You can also add cushions, a deep rug and other accessories to create a relaxed vibe.

World Traveller

People are more open to choosing a globally inspired look for their living room this year. Since the pandemic has put a stop to all forms of travel, it is no surprise that the world traveller theme is trending this year. The concept of the theme lies in picking and choosing different scenarios and putting together a signature style. This includes using pattern motifs from different parts of the world and integrating them with a multi-layered approach. If you have dreamt of travelling to Greece and lounging in the sun, here is your chance to add vibrant sea-inspired prints and subtle Greek motifs to your living room.

The best part of the World Traveller living room trend is that you can create the style as per your preferences. The trick to perfecting this particular theme is to capture the essence of travelling to new places for comfort and relaxation. This is a great way to transform holiday memories or travelling dreams into a permanent living room style.

Gallery Style Elegance

If you are in the habit of curating several lovely things, the Gallery Style trend should be right up your alley. This alley consists of filling the space with custom designs and pieces along with interesting furniture, lighting, art and rugs. The idea is to pay homage to galleries by creating a refined and elegant style that will take your breath away. In order to allow each piece in the room to have its own presence, you need to remember to create a balance between white space and the décor.  Regardless of which art piece you choose to showcase in your living room, the Gallery Style trend is all about the wow factor. Rather than using traditional straight lines, you can create your own style comprising undulated shapes and forms that flow around the room.

The seating arrangements in the living room can be made of an unexpected colour palette to add to the ambience.  You can keep the drama going by opting for furniture that is low in height like a low coffee table design along with interesting pieces like ceramic lamps. This style is designed to allow the room to ooze modernity with its glamorous metallic touches and curved shapes. This living room style is a way to pay homage to the art world through a unique approach.

Wall Décor

Wall décor is not exactly a new trend, but it seems to have found plenty of love in 2021 among homeowners. Some of the common wall décor ideas include wallpaper, wall paint and wall panelling. Adding a modern twist to wall panelling seems to be trending a lot this year. You can opt for detailed moulding with beading or a slim-line panelling. There are several options when it comes to wall panelling. Here is your chance to add subtle textures to the room without taking away the warmth of the room.

If wall panelling seems too hefty a job for your living room makeover project, you can create the same effect with the right wallpaper. There are some living room wallpaper ideas that mimic a wall panel look with a quarter of the effort. Once you decide on your wall décor, it will be easy to pick out a sofa set that integrates with the living room décor.

Using Outdoors Elements

This living room style consists of bringing in elements from outdoor insides. It can be anything like wooden surfaces, oversized palm prints or natural woven fibres. The concept of this style involves infusing nature with the interior design scheme. This allows you to create connections with natural materials like stone, wood and natural fabrics. You can focus on the textual difference while putting together your living room style. With nature and diversity going hand in hand, you will not be in dearth of inspiration when you choose this living room style for your home.

Once you have narrowed down your preferences and likes, decorating your living room becomes an easy job. With the right elements like the perfect sofa cushion, coffee table, lighting and other accessories you can create a unique living room that has a signature style that embraces your personality.

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