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Organic pest control tips for your garden

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If you are a gardening enthusiast and have a beautiful garden, you need pay attention to pest infestation as pests can cause a huge damage to the pants. You can check out the tips on How To Choose A Pest Control Company and hire the professionals for regular upkeep of the garden. If you want to do it yourself, below discussed are some tips that will be of great help.

Use some beneficial insects

Pests attack on the plants which can quickly ruin your whole garden. Some insects like damsel bugs or ladybugs are not pest. These insects like to eat these creatures. So, these insects are great for pest control. You can also use some other animals like ducks or chickens which eat the pest including slugs. 

Spread Diatomaceous earth on the ground

This is effective to kill the insects and also this is not harmful for environment or people. This substance damages the exoskeleton of the insects when they come into direct contact then dehydration will start resulting in death. 

Buy some special plants for your garden

There are many types of plants which are pest resistant. For example, royal acorn and butternut plants are a great type of squash. However, these are unable to completely remove the insects but they control them to a great extent.

 Protect your plants through barriers

You can provide better protection to your plants just make a physical barrier to prevent pest attack. This technique is same as you cover your body with safety guard to prevent honey bee attack. 

Floating row covers

This technique is a form of protection. In this method, you need to cover your young growing plants with fabric to protect them. It is just like an anchor on the ground that helps to prevent pests. However, if plants are giving flowers, you can remove their covering that provides the pollinating insects access to the flowers. 

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