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Reasons Why You Need To Protect Your Cables

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The clutter doesn’t just look messy and unprofessional, however. Rather, it is also dangerous, and it robs us of valuable time. In the following, we would like to suggest why and how one can counter the chaos at the office desk with targeted cable management and lead to successful solutions.

Tangled Cables Can Be Dangerous

Each cable is fixed at its ends in a certain way, be it at the socket, a socket, or a cable bushing. If it lies loosely as a loop between these connection points, it poses a permanent risk of stumbling. If it is on common walkways, its cable sheath can be damaged so it should be protected with cable protector floor for instance. Electric shocks in high-voltage cables and defective devices due to short circuits in a low-voltage or data cable are not uncommon.

The dangers arising from the formation of loops are also present in less frequented places in the room. Just opening the window behind the office desk can be enough to thread your foot into such a loop. This only becomes noticeable when the keyboard or the office lamp is pulled along and suddenly lies crashing on the floor.

Cable Clutter Robs Us Of Valuable Time

Office technology is portable, so printers and routers, chargers, and power supplies often change their location. If the tangled cables have turned into shambles, it is difficult to unravel. Some cables even have to be pulled out of their socket to untangle them from the others. Once the knots have been eliminated, disillusionment follows. Which cable was in which socket? Frustration and incorrect switching are then often unavoidable.

Tangled Cables Distract Us

A well-organized workplace is inviting, and it is a pleasure to work on it. However, if power supplies and other cabling are lying around in a mess on the office table, we are already thinking about unraveling. How quickly does the USB stick-slip under this tangled cable. We’re looking for it, and we have to think about where we last used it. We wanted to devote ourselves to our work, but now our thoughts are directed towards what is avoidable.

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