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Remodeling Bathroom – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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Bathroom remodeling blends big dreams and practical realities. From innovative design, fixtures to finishes, every single aspect needs to be considered to make the bathroom work.

Whether you are looking for a simple bathroom or a master ensuite, the functionality should be at the heart of the remodeling concept. One little mishap and you could end up with the bathroom plagued by impractical niggles.

To design your dream bathroom, watch out for these 5 common mistakes and get everything done without any fuss.

  1. Overlooking the Door Cleaning

So, finally, your favorite bathroom suite is fitted perfectly into your bathroom but have you thought about the door clearing? Let’s be honest, your bathroom remodeling process goes in vain if your new vanity or bath unit hits every time you enter the bathroom.

To maximize the space, one can simply opt for the sliding doors which not just make your bathroom functional but adds a dash of royalty to space.

  1. Not considering the bath tab position

Adding the stylish and striking taps isn’t enough to make your bathroom look ultra-chic, its positioning is equally important. Think about the practicalities first and only then go for installing the new bath taps.

A large central tap can be dangerous for the little ones if it juts out the center of the bath or cascading mixture tap should get installed in such a way that it will not create any hassle while taking the overhead shower. You can contact Heating services in Surrey for installation and servicing.

  1. Neglecting the layout

Negligence of the layout is one of the most common mistakes people usually committed while remodeling the bathroom. Always keep in mind the fact that functionality is thy key factor you cannot afford to miss when it comes to design a practical space like a bathroom.

Make sure to allow enough space between sanitary fixtures so that one can move around comfortably. Towel rails must be fitted within the easy grabbing distance and shower doors need to be opened without any obstruction.

  1. Ditching the Ventilation

Proper ventilation is mandatory when it comes to the most humid room and is something you cannot neglect at any cost. One can either invest in a good extractor fan or leave a little space or window for ventilation.

However, keep in the mind the fact that this fan or window should get installed appropriately without compromising privacy.

  1. Blowing the Budget

Bathrooms are notorious for blowing your budget with unexpected and nasty surprises such as rusted pipelines, dodgy electric fittings, rotting joists, and many more. While remodeling your bathroom, you should always get ready for these hidden costs and keep few bucks aside at the beginning of the project. Plumbers in surrey can provide you professional services.


Remodeling a bathroom is not just about buying taps or selecting the tiles; it is much more than that. Get it right and you’ll have a beautiful functional space, get it wrong and it needs to be completely refitted.

Always lookout for these common mistakes and make your visionary bathroom a reality.

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