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Revamp Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

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If your home is feeling uninspired or you are looking to sell your property in the near future, it may be time to consider renovating, redesigning, and revamping. Even small and simple changes can have a huge effect on our impression of a space, such as its comfort and safe how we feel within the space. They can also significantly improve our home’s value too.

While certain improvements are costly, consuming time and money, there are other, comparatively minor, changes that can be made, which have a large impact.

Welcome New Fabrics

Bold, statement designs can help a home to instantly feel modern and fresh. Promising they are offset with the right colours and styles, ones that won’t clash, a simple addition, such as patterned curtains or a colourful rug can bring a sense of vibrancy into an otherwise plain room.

Get Rid of the Carpet

Carpet has become one of the most opinion-dividing features within British homes. Whereas it was once popular, certainly enough to justify a period of carpet in the bathroom, now it is often seen as messy, becoming quickly tired in high traffic areas of the home.

While darker colours can do well to mask certain stains, wood flooring is far more preferential. It’s easier to keep clean and looking new and can be refreshed with a simple layer of finish.

Garden Buildings

There is now a surge of high-quality log cabins for sale online as more homeowners begin erecting buildings in their gardens. These affordable features are a great asset to transform into offices or bedrooms, and many are using them to welcome guests and even host holiday-goers, earning an extra income on the side.

Find Unique Furniture

Antique shops and other secondhand retailers, such as charity shops, are great sources of cheap furniture. With the right consideration, you will not only be able to find surprisingly low-cost furniture, but you will also come across unique pieces that can replace the familiar and plain designs of widely-manufactured alternatives.

Some may need a little upholstery or care, but if you are happy to put the time in, you will save money and find yourself impressing guests with stylish new pieces.

Scale Back

There’s a reason why hygge and other similar philosophies have become so popular in recent years, and it’s because a clean and cosy home is one that generally improves our quality of life. A great way to create space and welcome more light into our homes is to remove clutter.

Begin by questioning each item, whether it is a piece of furniture or painting, would I prefer to have the object or space? When you have freed yourself from a certain amount of objects, you will be able to sell them or recycle them afterwards, passing them on to a new home and potentially earning a little money along the way.


One of the most simple ways to bring vitality and freshness into your home is paint. Now, those who have shopped for paint before may know that, for quality, a tin isn’t always cheap. Especially when you need to purchase two or three.

However, there are now many centres around the UK working to collect leftover paints and salvage them into new colours, such as Seagulls Reuse in Leeds. Not only are they cheaper than brand new tins but they also help the environment too.

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