Home Decor & Design ‘Soft furnishings to spruce up your home in 2022’

‘Soft furnishings to spruce up your home in 2022’

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Soft furnishings are an essential part of the home, giving you somewhere to sit, lay and rest when you’re not in the mood to move about freely. Whilst it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with soft furnishings and stick with the same old sofa and bedding options, bringing in some new additions can freshen up your whole house, making it feel like new again! Why not take a look at some soft furnishings in Gwynedd for some ideas. Here are some soft furnishings you should consider adding to your home in 2022

Larger Pillows

One of the biggest trends over recent years has been a focus on large-scale throw pillows and larger cushions. Bigger is better, when it comes to soft furnishings and we’re likely to see ever more items taking centre stage as households grow tired of smaller items and smaller houses. If you’re looking for soft furnishings ideas, big pieces with bold prints are your best bet – why not try some modern minimalist artwork alongside them?

Sleepytime Bedding

The traditional duvet has already been ousted by a number of interior designers and soft furnishing outlets, leaving us wondering what we’ll be sleeping under a decade from now. One of our top picks for 2022 is ‘Sleepytime Bedding’ – giving you soft, cosy nights that are perfect for falling asleep under. This single design comes with a selection of pillows, cushions and blankets which can be used on any surface you want – beds and sofas alike!

Throw Rugs Everywhere

Throw rugs are a great way to bring colour into any room, as well as adding that soft touch. With different colours and designs, there is an option for everyone. In 5 years, throw rugs will be going nowhere; everyone loves them! Make sure you plan accordingly for when it comes time to buy. A simple check on Pinterest can point you in the right direction. Who knows, maybe your living room’s new soft furnishing is just a few clicks away!

Luxurious Bedding Material

Before purchasing soft furnishings, it’s a good idea to consider what’s happening with interior design over the next five years. Luxurious bedding materials like satin and silk are really going to be what’s coming back into fashion.Satin sheets are already a huge hit, but we predict that by 2023 even more people will be warming their feet on cashmere-blend rugs and Bamboo bedsheets during cold winter nights.

Embroidered Duvets

For living room or bedroom, simple embroidered designs are fashionable and cheap. These can be created with free-motion embroidery machines or manually by hand. Embroidered duvets will be popular with housekeepers who like something a little more unique for their bedrooms. Removable covers allow housekeepers to remove, wash and replace them easily.

Brightly Coloured Couch Cushions

When it comes to soft furnishings ideas, think outside of the box: what’s on trend right now? Some say we’re moving towards more natural colours, but I say you can never go wrong with bright, bold colours. Brightly coloured couch cushions are a great way to bring some life into your living room and give it an added pop of colour that isn’t a paint job.

Increased Focus on Personalisation of Soft Furnishings

As traditional stores (such as retail outlets and furniture shops) continue to lose their power over consumers, companies will have to respond by focusing on offering more personalised soft furnishings. Whether it’s having a professional designer custom-make soft furnishings for a customer or using an online platform for consumers themselves to design and order their own products, there’s huge potential for growth here.


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