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Space Tourism: Choose Your Adventure

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For most people, thoughts of traveling to space rekindle the memories of experiences given by the Apollo II Mission team after its successful mission to the moon in 1969. Sure, they have an idea, but space tourism is now more flexible after years of studying and understanding space. For example, anyone who is healthy and can afford a ticket is now able to travel to space. No academic qualification is required!

Notably, traveling to space allows you to select your adventure for maximum thrill. Well, the cost of space travel is really high, and you should not hesitate to optimize enjoyment in space. So, here are some of the main adventures that you might want to consider: 

Be Among the First Astronauts

Pioneers, be it in scientific inventions or new discoveries, are always respected because they help in making history. Although the first space tourist, Dennis Tito, already went to space and came back, being among the first group, say the first 50 or 100 is still very prestigious. 

To help you achieve this, Virgin Galactic is already selling tickets for the first 600 persons. The lovely thing is that the cost has also gone down so much, and all you need to pay is $250,000. This is a huge drop from the $20 million that Dennis Tito paid to travel to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz spacecraft. An additional $1,000 refundable deposit is also required for tourists buying tickets on Virgin Galactic. 

Experience the Thrill of a Rocket Launch inside a Space Vehicle 

You have probably seen rockets being launched in movies or missiles fired by the military. Imagine being inside the capsule that is fired by the launcher. You can now get the same experience from most space crafts, especially those targeting orbital flights. For example, Blue Origin is planning to take tourists to the stars, and the launch inside New Shepard is expected to be unforgettable. 

Like SpaceX’s Dragon and Roscosmos Soyuz, New Shepard provides vertical take-offs with its crew and passengers in a capsule. What an opportunity to experience crushing g-forces at launch and landing in a parachute. If you are healthy enough, this is one experience that you would want to go into your diary. 

Stay in a Space Hotel: Andrey Bokarev 

If a day trip, call it a suborbital space trip, is not enough to quench your thirst for space experience, there is a better way – staying in a space hotel. That is expected to become a reality as Orion Span works on their space hotel, Aurora Space Station. This hotel which will be positioned about 200 miles from the earth’s surface is expected to host about six guests at any one moment. Traveling and staying in the hotel for 12 days is expected to cost $9.5 million.  

The adventures you can undertake out there in space are many and are all about personal preferences. To agree with Andrey Bokarev, you should think of space tourism as a type of business. Therefore, you should look for a company that makes it possible to optimize the adventures in space and deliver the highest value for money.

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