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Spimbey Creates Stylish and Safe Backyard Modular Playset

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Spimbey is launched with a vision to introduce backyard with fun and safe playset or playground equipment. Their dream is to transform people’s backyard introducing stylish outdoor playhouses for kids. 

Spimbey is a relatively new company, but is fast gaining a lot of popularity for their modular, safe, and fun playsets. They are transforming some of the best outdoor playhouse furniture ideas into reality. With innovative ideas, they have developed safe wooden backyard playsets that guarantee complete enjoyment as well as safety for kids. 

There is an array of playground equipment visible in the market designed with an edge from different brands. The aim of these brands is to earn more profit and there is a concern about safety for kids. Manual assembly of this playground equipment is challenging as it includes plenty of components. Installation is time consuming and full of effort. 

The traditional playset footprints are an issue to fit in the garden. The assembly manuals are unclear and complex making it hard to assemble. After spending hours in assembling the playground equipment people may find it shocking to see how monstrous and enormous the design is for the garden.

Spimbey is the solution to every parent’s dream to offer their kids an awesome outdoor playhouse experience. Backyards differ and installing playset is not an easy task. They have designed easy to assemble yet stylish playset to provide parents with carefree assembly experience. 

Every kid’s dream is to have an outdoor playhouse. Spimbey playset are recommended because they not only look aesthetic but are safe and functional. Quality control is stringent at Spimbey. They have strict protocols and the components are periodically exposed to batch control. In case an anomaly is identified the production is stopped and started only after resolving the problem. The former batches are not used for sales. Thus, it ensures that every kid plays with safe playsets. 

Wooden playground assembly is complex because there are thousands of components, heavy parts and unclear construction manuals involved. Therefore, Spimbey team has developed an exclusive Swiss modular design, which makes assembly easy and fun. This modularity enables parents to configure as well as customize the playset according to their backyard size. 

It is similar to Swiss pocket knife – packed with plenty of options. The modules include play decks, playhouses, and swings. 

Each module is packed separately in sold cardboard boxes, so customers receive their order safely. Playset boxes delivery is done via cautiously chosen freight carriers. Small components are shipped via parcel carriers. 

Each box includes all the components suitable for that specific module. Roof and wall panels are preassembled. Wooden components are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-labeled, and pre-sanded for easy and quick installation. There is a step-to-step assembly manual. The two-sided colored tarps include two-way snaps. Customers can quickly swap sides for customization as needed. Playset can be upgraded with extra color combinations. 

Spimbey’s outdoor play equipment for small garden is available at affordable rates and kids can choose extra features like sandbox, lemonade stand, and a rock wall. Fulfill kid’s dream of an outdoor playhouse!


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