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The Garden Shed Options You Need Need

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The garden shed is very similar to the previous one with its brown and beige colors, only its dimensions are slightly larger, you will find photos on Amazon that will help you to set it up. Its price is around 752 euros and the advantage of the site is that you can benefit from special delivery conditions for bulky packages (choice of the exact place where to deliver it, suitable carrier, etc.). The house will be the largest (its price also, around 730 euros) with two windows and 3.8 m² on the ground. It will therefore be necessary to declare it.

  • If your goal is to have a small office, then you will appreciate the XL dimensions of the house, which offers 6.57 m² of floor space. With two windows, a floor, a skylight and even a gutter to collect rainwater, we fall here in the living room. Its dark brown doors add design to the whole, and of course you can lock them as you wish.
  • The price of this model is therefore around 2,030 euros. In the same vein and with a side cabinet to increase storage possibilities, do not hesitate to inquire about the house.

Finally, if you love wood and still want to keep it practical, the Fusion 757 garden shed is a blend of resin and composite wood. It’s fairly masculine look is very pleasant, with its dark brown exterior and black doors. It is a little smaller than the previous one (5 m²), without losing the advantages which characterize all these products: waterproofing, floor, lock, windows, ventilation. Sold for around 1737 euros, you will receive it within 6 to 10 days with the delivery terms that suit you. You can visit this site for the best deals.


Again with the Premium model, it is there, but this time with a semi-pitched roof. The polypropylene which composes it still does not require special precautions and it has the advantage of having a window and a door that can be easily closed with a padlock.

  • Delivered with floor and shelf, you will also receive ventilation in your package, which even allows you to consider wintering a few well-chosen plants. Gray in color, it will fit very well into your garden with elegance. It is also guaranteed for 5 years, which is rather reassuring, like most of their products.
  • Smaller (1.6 m²), its price is also around 403 euros. Other half-slope products exist, such as the house of 2.60 m².
  • If you prefer a little smaller furniture, you can instead of the garden shed, turn to the wooden garden cabinets   or even the garden boxes which are just as practical.

Which garden shed to choose?

  • Although this is not a complete description of everything the brand makes, you will certainly have noticed the quality of the garden sheds available for purchase on the site.
  • Do not hesitate to look regularly on the net, both on the official website and on other resellers as we have done in this guide, to benefit from any promotions and to have a good shelter for cheap. It can also be delivered.

The assembly instructions greatly facilitate this step, which can sometimes be a bit of a hassle and the second big advantage in choosing this brand is that you have an explanatory video available on the internet, as well as many images from the start to the end of the process.

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