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The Three I’s of Bad Home Inspection Reports

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Getting a new home is an exhausting and time-consuming task, especially when considering the inspection process. Many people want to live in their homes as soon as possible, which prompts them to expedite the process in any way they can.

Following InterNACHI’s Home Inspection Standards of Practice means looking for inspection services in New York handled by professionals, and the process won’t be quick. However, most people don’t have the patience to wait for the home inspection process to finish and opt to look for inspectors to fast track the process.

Many “professional” home inspectors follow their clients’ wishes and expedite the inspection only to result in the three I’s of bad home inspection reports. The substandard reports will include incorrect, inaccurate, and incomplete findings on the property.

Incorrect reports contain fictional information on the property’s condition that hides the home’s problems and violations. The report might say that the remodeling jobs done on the property are compliant with local codes even when they weren’t. The new homeowners will only see the violations when it’s too late, leading to high costs for the new owner.

Inaccurate home inspection reports don’t purposefully hide the property’s problems, but they present them inaccurately. Such statements fail to note the details of the home’s issues that can lead to costly and incorrect repairs done by the homeowner. Inaccurate reports can also lead to higher insurance premiums.

Incomplete reports fail to note essential information on the inspected property. The report is missing information on minor issues and other defects that can worsen through time. Neglecting to mention anything about a furnace only to find out that it isn’t functioning after the sale is an example of an incomplete report.

New York home inspections must only be done by genuine professional home inspectors like structural engineers to avoid substandard reports and significant expenses in the future. See Tauscher Cronacher’s infographic for more information on the three I’s of a bad inspection report.

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