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Things you need to consider while planning a Garden Room

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Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your place as well as add an extra space to the property? If yes then you can consider installing garden rooms. They are getting popular among the people in Berkshire. There are also several designs in which you can get one installed or you can also go for customized option. In Berkshire garden buildings are constructed by professionals and you can easily get in touch with one. 

Here are some important things that can make a difference.

Consider a mix of indoor comfort and outdoor feel

For a luxury experience, you can consider making a garden room having a perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor aesthetics. A beautifully design rooms adds to the overall beauty of the existing garden. As the room is equipped with indoor luxuries, you can enjoy it all round the year. 

Planning Permission 

When constructing a garden room, you might need to get different types of planning permission. It completely depends on the size and type of structure. There are some general rules that need to be followed like outbuilding maximum height should be 2.5 meters, the maximum height of roof should 4 meters. 

Power supply

If you are hiring a contractor for the project, he will make sure that the wiring is done as per your needs. Both indoor and outdoor wiring is taken into consideration. You can get the exterior lighting installed as per your like. 

The plumbing system

It is important for a garden room to has its own plumbing system. Modern buildings have multi-functional features such as an integrated kitchenette and shower in the design. Most garden rooms have a traditional solution like using composting toilets or tapping into the main sewerage. 

Heating and cooling

This is a very important to have in the garden room. The heating system is very essential in the garden room because they are cooler even in the summer season because of their strategic location. That is why most contractors or suppliers always include heating sources. 



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