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Things you should know about Outdoor Wicker Chairs

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Long before the material became fashionable, outdoor wicker chairs were an established design feature in furniture. Wicker furniture is made from a variety of natural fibres, including rattan, that are woven into a robust support framework. Not only does the unique composition allow for beautiful designs, but it also allows for a semi-rigid structure. Not only does the unique composition allow for beautiful designs, but it also allows for a semi-rigid structure. The materials are environmentally benign and renewable, making them an excellent alternative for environmentally conscious shoppers.

Many readers will be unfamiliar with wicker when shopping for furniture. Many of them are surprised to learn that wicker is the name of a weaving process rather than a specific material. Let’s have a peek at some fun facts about them:

  • Wicker– The name “wicker” refers to a range of vines, grasses, and plants used in furniture weaving. The rattan plant is one of the plants used to manufacture wicker furniture, which is why some people call it rattan furniture. Wicker furniture is popular in coastal-style houses and in outdoor settings.
  • Weaving Techniques– Both organic and synthetic materials are woven together in the same way when it comes to wicker furniture construction. As a result, both types of materials have the same pleasant wicker appearance. There is a wide range of patterns and weaves available, so you may find both contemporary and traditional wicker furniture. Wicker furniture is available in a wide range of colours, in addition to more natural or white finishes.
  • Wicker’s Main Components– The materials used to make wicker furniture come in a wide range of styles. Rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo are the four main types of organic materials used for indoor wicker furniture, with rattan being the most popular. Rattan, which is the thin, supple stem of a palm tree, is commonly utilised in the construction of furniture frames around which wicker is wrapped. Outdoor wicker furniture, unlike interior wicker furniture, is usually made with aluminium frames. This furniture is woven using synthetic or man-made fibres. The aluminium and synthetic vinyl and resins have the same wicker look as the natural wicker, but they are far sturdier and will endure much longer outside, even in the face of sunlight and wetness.
  • Wicker Furniture Maintenance– Even yet, extreme caution should be exercised in keeping outdoor furniture dry, as moisture can quickly lead to mildew. After a rainstorm or if the furniture gets wet for any other reason, wipe it down. It’s also a good idea to keep it out of direct sunlight, as this can cause splintering in certain varieties of wicker. A large umbrella or putting the furniture in a covered area can help it keep its appearance.

The wicker weave is adaptable to a wide range of climates. The weave is resistant to heat and moisture. As a result, it may be simply placed in regions where the sun shines brightly or where there is some dampness. Rain and other extreme weather conditions are no match for synthetic furniture. Wicker furniture is the greatest buy for all types of settings because of its exceptional toughness.

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