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Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Bar Stools

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Today, when the term bar stool is used, it may mean something different for everyone. Modern bar stools come in an array of heights, styles, and different price ranges. However, when buying commercial bar stools, there are definitely options that will work while others just won’t. Getting to know some of the top options and considerations are the bests way to find the right bar stools for any setting.

The Height of the Bar Stool

Before even looking at bar stool options, it is a good idea to figure out what height will work. The best way to do this is by measuring the height of the counter or bar from the top all the way to the floor. It is recommended that a stool that provides 10 to 12 inches of clearance is purchased, which will allow plenty of legroom. Make sure to look at product descriptions to find out more about the bar stool being considered.

It is important to note that most bar stool manufacturers will measure the height of the stools offered in one of two different ways. For example, they will measure the distance from the floor to the seats top or all the way to the top of the back of the chair. Since there is not an industry standard, it is necessary to do a bit of homework ahead of time.

Construction of the Bar Stool

Consider who is going to be using the bar stool. If it is going to a restaurant, it will likely be adults. While adults may not be as rough on furniture as some kids, it is still important to choose a stool that is durable and designed to last. It is also a good idea to choose a design that comes with a backrest, which will help reduce the risk of falling.

Think about the material that the bar stool should be constructed from. For example, should the bar stool be made of wood or metal? Choose a material that will go with the overall theme and vibe of the space. For a more upholstered look, leather bar stools are a good option.

Important Bar Stool Features

Along with being offered in different styles and at different heights, bar stools also have an array of features. It is a good idea to think about the features wanted before looking for the right ones.

One of the most popular features is a spin-style chair. These stools make it easy for the person sitting in it to turn to the left or right without having to get up or move out of their seat. This feature does add to the cost of the stool, but many agree it is a great investment.

Finding the Right bar Stool

When it is time to purchase any type of bar stools for a commercial building or space, choosing the right one is crucial. Keep the tips and information here in mind to find a bar stool style that will meet the needs and expectations of the users.

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