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Top 5 Reasons for Water Damage In Your House

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Water damage is an issue that can occur at any house any time. Most of the time you don’t notice that the paint is getting worn out until and until it starts looking gross. It happens due to water damage. There are different reasons that lead to such a situation and with right water damage restoration techniques you can manage it. Still, you have to remember that you need to take steps at the right time. Here are the causes of water damage in homes:

  • Damaged pipes

Plumbing system may be a major cause of water damage in your home, especially if it’s old. Water leaks from different places and affects the building as well as other parts of the house. In order to prevent plumbing problems it is best to look out for any bulges, cracks or stains on your ceiling. If there are any you can understand it’s because of the leak. Find it out and start working out on it. Even if there is a spike in the water bill then you must understand that it’s because of leak at some place. Before winter you need to check the pipelines properly because then the water inside pipes freezes and they expand, thus damaging the pipeline. 

  • Appliances

Another reason for water damage is old appliances. With time their pipes get rust and water may leak from their hose. When your dishwater leaks there may be puddles in your kitchen! Main cause of these is broken doors, worn-out gasket, and clogged drains. The damage may be huge affecting your electrical wiring and the paint. Even washing machines may also cause flooding in your home. With time if all these damages are not taken care of then they are going to damage the whole building. 

  • Natural disasters

Hurricanes or snow storms can be a major cause of water damage in your home. W2hen such issues happen land will absorb a huge amount of water and it may get inside your home too. In order to manage your home from such a situation you must have a flood alarm. 

  • Structural Damage

With time your building too deteriorates. When moisture drips through the building they may crawl inside the concrete and cause rotting. In order to keep the wall and foundation safe from such damage you must always look for any clogged drain or check that branches of trees are not damaging the building.

  • HVAC system drain pipe

What is mostly left unseen are the drain pipes of the HVAC system. With time they may start leaking and thus water is sipped inside the building. It may cause structural damage in the long run. It is best to maintain the HVAC system properly to avoid such situations. 

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