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Top Reasons for Roof Failure

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The primary purpose of the roof is to provide homeowners protection from different weather events. Although this is one of the most reliable and durable parts of a building structure, it is not immune to failure.

Faulty installation or lousy craft is often the reason behind a failing roof. It can increase the chances of roof problems and reduce the lifespan of a roof. Hence, to ensure proper roof installment or replacement, it is best to work with a reputable and experienced West Virginia roofing contractor. They can guarantee flawless work and avoid the risk of developing roof problems.

Sometimes it is the use of cheap and inefficient materials that increases the risk of roof failure, not the faulty installation. Many homeowners choose to buy more affordable materials to save more money. However, in many cases, installing inexpensive roofing materials can mean a more inferior quality roof. It is best to remember that a high-quality roofing system is made up of high-quality materials and components. Hence, to have a roof with a long life, investing in quality materials is better than saving money through low-quality materials.

Moreover, homeowners’ reluctance to perform preventative maintenance is one of the main reasons for roof failure. Without proper care and regular roof inspections, roofing problems, such as blistering or cracking of shingles and moss growth on roof tiles, can lead to even more costly repairs in the future. It is essential to hire a professional St. Albans WV roofer to inspect if the roof is in good condition. They can also help resolve roofing problems immediately. Hence, avoiding much more severe roof failure and expensive repairs.

Other factors can shorten a roof’s lifespan, such as poor ventilation and poorly chosen roofing parts like flashing. Moreover, using quality materials, having proper installation, and proper maintenance can ensure a more durable roofing system. This infographic of Fahey Roofing Contractors details some of the reasons for roof failure.

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