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Topic: Cleaning your bathroom after renovation

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Imagine what we put the various items in our bathroom through every day. The toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks deserve utmost cleaning attention. Interestingly, modern plumbing fixtures have made it easier to clean our bathrooms easier. 

However, it’s hard for most homeowners to clean their bathrooms the right way; an expert from Ballarat Bathrooms explains the best way to disinfect your bathroom fixtures. Here, you will learn how to clean and disinfect your sink and shower tub.

Sink Cleaning and Disinfecting

From overspray of hair products to toothpaste dribbles, your sink endures a daily barrage of grime and dirt. Keeping it sparkling to its original state requires regular cleaning. Interestingly, Ballarat Bathrooms recommend weekly routine maintenance. 

To clean and disinfect your bathroom sink, you can use bathroom cleaner to remove film and light soil. However, if the surface is filled with hardened grime and dirt deposits, soft-scrub cleaners can be used. Furthermore, cleaners with bleach can remove toothpaste stains, keep your bathroom clean and avoid using any product with harsh chemicals.

Shower and Tub

Bath oil, soap scum, body soil, and hair products can form an alliance and transform your all-shining shower and tub surface into a hiding place for mildew and mold. Ballarat Bathrooms advice before cleaning the bathroom you spray the tub using a bathroom cleaner. Additionally, you need to use abrasive scrubbing pads to remove stiff dirt. 


Ballarat Bathrooms knows that cleaning your toilet isn’t a priority for most people. However, you need to take every time necessary to keep your toilet clean. You need a good bowl brush as you want to clean the toilet rims. Additionally, if neglect has made your toilet develop a suborn right, you need to use a pumice stone. Rub it on the ring, and it will remove any deposit. 

Then, use a good disinfectant to spray on the tank, seat and lid, rims, and bowl. Get any good antibacterial cleaning products that kill germs in no time. After disinfecting, wipe the toilet with a clean, dry cloth.


To keep your bathroom clean at all times, you need to perform cleaning routines frequently. Your bathroom is like your sanctuary because you spend a whole lot of time there. If you can’t drink a glass of water while in your bathroom, it means your bathroom needs urgent cleaning. Interestingly, the items you need to perform this simple task aren’t costly compared to when you outsource to a cleaning company.

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