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Types Of Plumbing Pipes Used In Building Construction

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There are different varieties of pipes that will be used in every building construction that works for many purposes like drainage, water supply, and also waste disposal which are made with different materials. The SWR pipes and fittings manufacturer are available at every location to visit and take the best quality pipes at the best price.

Every day if you see in the building, enough quantity of freshwater will be provided at the required places to meet the different needs of residents. So, water requirements must be well computed before they construct the house. The delivery water is sent through pipes inside the structure below and above the ground. Also, you must measure the proper sewerage facilities to reduce the wastewater within pipes.


These pipes & fitting are mainly used for the purpose of soil as well as rainwater disposal methods. These pipes will be prepared with specific sand cast methods or through spinning. These pipes are produced by pouring melted cast iron inside vertically set sand molds. It is available in 1.6, 1.8 and 2-meter length also 5 & 7 mm thickness. The spun pipes will be produced by flowing molten grey casting iron inside revolving water-cooled design, designing a seamless pipe toward the length with 3 meters including thickness less compared to pipes sand cast.


There are common pipes that are available everywhere in the market. Three different types are given below.

  1. Plasticized PVC pipes which used to be plasticized through the addition of the rubber. It has less strength and less working temperature compared to UPVC pipes.
  2. Unplasticized PVC and rigid pipes which are used to carry cold water
  3. Chlorinated PVC pipes withstand with the higher temperature still 1200 which is used to carry hot water

These pipes are used mainly in the soil as well as wastewater to discharge the systems, and the thickness of that wall may be like larger and it is used for the roof drainage. And the rigid pipes will be utilized for the delivery of water which is below temperature with 450C. And at higher warmth, the pipe strength will be decreased. Furthermore, ultraviolet radiation which comes from the sunlight and the frequent variations in temperature decreases the lifespan of these PVC pipes.


These pipes are produced from steel. The galvanizing method places a thin coating with the zinc which shields that from corrosion.

It is available in medium, light and heavy standards based on the specific thickness of some metal. If you see the 15 mm GI pipe, it will come with the thicknesses including 2.65, 2.0 & 3.25 for some medium, light and heavy grades. Usually, the medium pipes are utilized for in-house plumbing in every building. Certain pipes corrode quickly if it takes brackish water and are covered with lime concrete as well as brickwork also buried under the earth. These pipes will be costlier compared to PVC pipes.


Stoneware pipes are provided with internal diameters 20 mm to 600 mm by thickness ranging from 14 mm to 43 mm. One best stoneware pipe should provide a sharp bright tone when hit by a light hammer.

Certain pipes are widely used while underground drainage tubes in low-cost production buildings. Regularly, these pipes remain dependent on an equal bed of cement and further used as defined for placing in different kinds of soils. But, laying of certain pipes requires qualified workmen and a great supervisor. Accordingly, PVC pipes stay being favored to those pipes in several places. More cheap pipes to buy.

These are some of the different types of pipes that are used in the construction of buildings mostly. Also prefer Swr fittings which are good at connecting.

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