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Understanding Landscape Photography

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What’s Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is, from a technical perspective, photography of wide vistas. Typically we consider landscape photography as purely nature, but it may also include urban landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and much more, based on your definition.

If you notice a landscape scene which makes you stop and have a photo, try to determine what made you need to capture that shot. What’s the essence from the scene, and how does one describe it? Could it be a lush forest, or perhaps a barren dessert? The language you utilize to explain it ought to be the atmosphere you attempt to capture on film.

Whatever your description, try to pay attention to one factor that evokes that mood, and compose your image to highlight that factor – think about using different lenses, different lighting (sunset versus harsh mid-day sun versus moonlight), and various compositions to intensify your selected mood. For instance, to focus on a barren desert, consider shooting mid-day having a polarizing filter in which the shadows would be the most dramatic. Should you capture a single camel trotting along right into a apparently infinite desert, that may accomplish hopelessness.

Once you have selected your scene as well as your emotion, you have to learn how to create a feeling of depth inside your image (foreground, midground, and background) while giving the attention something to pay attention to – possibly a waterfall or lake, or perhaps a a little colour within an otherwise dreary landscape.

Depth inside a photo mandates that the foreground, midground, and background be in sharp focus simultaneously, which each zone has something worth your eye’s focus. This huge depth of field requires you utilize a little aperture (large f/number) and corresponding shutter speed for any proper exposure. Most typically you will notice landscape photographers using aperture-priority mode to create the scene.

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